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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Milani Baked Blushes - Part 2

I've managed to get my hands on  a few more of the Milani Baked blushes since I really liked the ones I purchased a little while ago. I've already done a review on these blushes on Part 1 so I will not be reviewing these but just give you a brief description on the product and color.

Red Vino looks like a deepened raspberry with a tint of purple and lots of gold shimmers and some gold veining running through it.  This color is very pigmented and maybe more suitable for darker skintone but you can still rock this if you are fair/light skinned and use a light hand.

Fantastico Mauve looks like a mauvy purple in the pan. It's actually not as intense and a slightly muted version of Red Vino. It also has a significantly reduced amount of gold shimmers but some pink and white veining running through it.

Rose D'Oro is a pinkish/coral with lots of fine gold and pink shimmers with some gold veining running through it. It reminded me a lot of MAC Stereorose but when I swatched them side-by-side, Stereorose is much more finely-milled, slightly lighter and more muted than Rose D'oro. Rose D'Oro also has a more prominent orange undertone. Although they may be similar in color, they are not quite dupes IMO.

Here is a heavy swatch of the shades 

And here is a blended swatch

Red Vino and Fantastico Mauve may appear to be more suitable for cool-toned and darker skintone, whereas Rose D'Oro may be more suitable for warmer skintone. But regardless of what your undertone and color, these are pretty pigmented and can look universally pretty on everyone.
These Milani Baked blushes may be difficult to find in your area but they are available in select drugstores and online. The average retail is $7.00 to $8.00.
I really like them, which is why I purchased more but if you do not like shimmers in your blushes, you will not like these.

If you would like to see my review and swatches of the rest of these Milani Baked blushes which includes Dolce Pink, Luminoso, Corallina, and Berry Amore, click HERE to see the review.


  1. great!!! I want more too :) I saw these at Pick n Save too but was kinda high

  2. next cherry culture sale....these will be mine.


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