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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th Of July Haul -- CCO, Ulta, and Sephora

I had a busy weekend but I still managed to do some shopping before returning to work. On my way to the outlet, a car almost crashed into mine because he was (1) careless and (2) not in the turning lane. Ughhh, what a moron! I hate being around peeps who can't drive, especially if they are hazardous.
It's been a while since I've visited the CCO and I just felt like I needed to check it out. I also wanted to exchange the MAC Greasepaint stick I got from there a couple months ago. I actually didn't like them as much as I thought I would and I didn't find them useful so I exchanged them for new stuff.

If you ever go to the CCO with me, you'll notice that I take forever to decide what to get, LOL. Yes, I'm picky like that. I bought a MAC eyeshadow palette, MAC lipstick, and MAC eyeshadow single.

 MAC Trip Warm Eyeshadows palette. I don't know how old this thing is or which collection it came out with but it must have been before I started getting into MAC. I most likely will do a review and swatch of this palette because I think some the eyeshadows are also available in the single eyeshadow pan from the permanent line. The eyeshadows are Shroom, Bagatelle, Expensive Pink, Trax, Embark, and Humid.

I picked up Funbathing from the To the Beach collection which came out last summer. I was excited to see it at the CCO.

 It looks dark in the tube but it's quite pretty and more wearable than you think.

After swatching Funbathing and the more I looked at it, the more it reminded me of another lipstick that I had. Much to my surprised, it looks almost identical to MAC Baron's Rose. The similarity is so close that I somewhat regret getting it. Baron's rose has more brown undertone whereas Funbathing has pinkier undertone. Both are cremesheen too.

Red Brick is an interesting brick red matte eyeshadow. I don't have anything like it so I was tempted to get it. The color may not be appealing for a lot of people but I can already imagine a few nice things I can do with it.

After the outlets, we stopped by Ulta on the way home. I picked up more nail polishes! And a Physicians Formula eyeliner. I gave mine to my mom because she needed one so this is a repurchase for me.

I guess I can admit that I am officially a crack addict. I mean crack as in nail polishes of course. Here we have blue and turquoise shatter.

These polishes must be new. I've never seen them at Ulta before. They are tiny and cost $1.99 each. I got excited so when I got home I quickly swatched them and blehhh...The white one was very streaky. The cranberry one was so sheer. It looked beautiful in the bottle though. Almost looked like a duochrome of cranberry and copper. The teal one was the best out of the three. It was opaque in two coats and the color is just gorgeous so at least I will be keeping that one.

I never tried matte suede finish and I thought this color looked interesting. Powder Puff is white with an iridescent tint of blue. Again, I got excited and did a quick swatch and OMG, another disappointment :(. 3 coats and still not opaque.

I've had my eyes on these polishes for a while now. They were on BOGO sale so I took advantage of it and bought Stellare Notte (on the left) and Limoncello (on the right). I will need to do a swatch post on these because I think they are so pretty!

I don't know about the serum part of this but I actually care more for the fact that it's an eyeliner. This is a repurchase. I originally bought it in black and it was not black enough, more like a dark grey. My mom needed an eyeliner so I gave it to her and I bought the Ultra black for myself. I hope it's a lot darker. I like the fact that is has a very precise fine point. It's an interesting brush applicator that looks just like the Lorac Front of the Line eyeliner.

As if I didn't haul enough already, we spotted a Sephora inside a JCPenny store which was in the same shopping center as Ulta. I bought MAKE UP FOREVER mist & fix travel size ($8.00), Benefit One Prime Day mini set ($10.00) and Josie Maran Argan Oil ($14.00). One thing that sucked about Sephora/JCPenny is that they don't have the mini 100 points perks goodies; however, you'll still get your points for your purchases.

TheBenefit mini set contains That Gal brightening face primer, The Porefessional face primer, and Stay Don't Stray eyeshadow primer. Not bad for $10.00 if you ask me.

I bought this concealer at Wal-Mart. It's the Hard Candy Glamoflauge heavy duty concealer. I honestly didn't need another concealer but after reading wonderful reviews about it, I caved in and bought it. I justified my purchase for the fact that it was only $6.00, lol. So that sums up my 4th of July haul.

Have you tried any of these products or plan to? Stay tuned for an even more exciting haul.


  1. What an amazing haul, Pang! Love it!

    Sorry to hear you almost had an accident because of that careless driver. I hate when I'm driving and become surrounded by idiots, ughh! Definitely one of my biggest pet peeves.

    lol I also take forever in a store to decide what I want when it comes to cosmetics, but it's all good, girl! You ended up with amazing things. I have that Physicians Formula liner, and I love it! :) Everything looks so pretty <3

  2. haha your a major crack addict!(: and I really want to try the Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer but I am going to wait till one of my concealers runs out.

  3. youre so lucky you got a hold of the blue shatters! i pretty much gave up on ever finding them lol

  4. Awesome haul! I got that $10 Benefit pack too, but for my next/upcoming giveaway.

  5. LOL Huda, you and I will have no problem going to the CCO together. Other peeps always rush me.

    Jemimah, ohh no! I'm sure you'll find it. You should ask the store when they are going to restock. Otherwise, you could get them from Amazon.

    JC, that's pretty neat! Darn it, I already have it so it makes no sense for me to enter.


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