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Monday, January 27, 2014

Maybelline Master Glaze Blush Stick Pink Fever - Swatch and Review

I picked up this new Maybelline blush from Walgreens a few weeks ago and as much as I was tempted to grab another one or two. I managed to just walk out of the store with this one. Is it just me or what but every time I see a new product display. I always want to grab the shade that the model is wearing.


  • I like the fact that it comes on a stick packaging. I can just dab it on where I want it and then blend it without having to use my fingers to apply the blush. 
  • .24 oz or 6.8 g. When I twisted it all the way up, I get about 3/4 inch of product. 

  • Pink Fever is a medium cool-toned pink with fine pearly shimmers and a satin finish. This shade may be more suitable for fair to medium complexion. 
  • The first thing that I noticed when I swatched it was that it is very pigmented yet you can go from light to intense without any issue. Apparently, it contains shea butter and has a cream to powder texture. I love how creamy and smooth it feels on the skin. It's silky to the touch and glides and blends effortlessly. 
  • You can use your finger to blend out the blush but I personally prefer using a brush for blending.
  • It lasts about 5-6 hours before I start noticing it fading and it is unscented though it seems to have a very faint smell that I can easily go undetected. 

Final Thought

I love the texture of this blush. It's so pigmented yet blends out so easily and feels really soft and smooth. Typical cream blushes tend to be a little tacky but this one blends like a powder. It has a fairly decent staying power too though I wished it lasted a bit longer.

Rating: 9/10. 

Price: $8-9
Availablity: Walgreens, CVS


  1. I love these blush sticks. I was surprised I'd like it so much because I usually stay away from cream blushes, but these blend really well and the colour is easily buildable. On a whim I bought Warm Nude and Make A Mauve, and I love them both. Pink Fever seems like a fun shade, and I wouldn't be surprised if I pick it up next time, too. Thanks for sharing your review!

    1. I'm not a huge fan of cream blush either but I'm with you. This formula feels really nice. I was contemplating on make a mauve too but I just had to resist the urge. I have too many blushes.

  2. the tone looks perfect!!

    1. I think it'll look great on your fair complexion

  3. You're not the only one--I always want the shade shown on the model! I don't have any blush sticks similar to this, but it's a very pretty pink. I like how well it blends out.

    1. I can definitely see a lot of people liking it because the coverage is buildable and the texture is easy to work with.

  4. I've seen this in so many blogs and I love it! Sadly it hasn't arrived yet to Sweden but I'd love to buy it x

    1. I hope they make their way there soon so that you can enjoy them too

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks. I want more shades but I keep holding off.


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