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Friday, January 31, 2014

Milani Sugar High Nail Lacquer - Swatch

TGIF!! I spotted this new nail glitter from Milani at my local CVS a few weeks ago and I couldn't help myself but bring this baby home.

Sugar High has a clear base and lots of small multi-colored glitters that reminds me of mosaic. The base wasn't too thin or thick and picks up a generous amount of glitters within one swipe. I don't have much trouble spreading them across the nail but if you're picky about where the glitters go then I would suggest you use a dabbing method. I like how colorful they are without being too sparkly.

One coat of Sugar High over 2 coats of Essie Parka Perfect and top off with one coat of clear coat


  1. thats gorgeous! but i thought it would be more pigmented. either way, a great glitter

    1. I'm fine with the way it is. Not sure if I will actually like it if it was full coverage. Looks cool in the bottle though.

  2. That's pretty--makes me think of birthday cake!

  3. Now that you said that..if I did a cupcake design, and top it with this glitter, it will look awesome :D


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