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Monday, December 30, 2013

Essie Parka Perfect Swatch

When I spotted Parka Perfect, I thought it was a lovely medium greyish blue cream. It has very subtle and very fine silver shimmers. Sometimes I wonder why Essie does that you know. Why put shimmers that don't translate on the nails? It makes absolutely no sense as to why they even bother. Perhaps to trick you into thinking hmm...there's something pretty inside? I dunno.
The formula was not too thick or thin and had fairly good pigmentation. It was a little streaky and even though I probably could've gotten away with 2 coats. A third coat was needed to even out the uneven streaks.
The shade is simple, plain, and probably not the most unique grey you can find but still appeals to me in a way because it would make a nice base for nail designs.


  1. I found it a bit streaky too! As you know I am Pale, so the color actually is surprisingly flattering for me. Even the boyfriend said he liked it :). But the sparkles are not there which is weird!

    1. Essie seems to like having shimmers that don't translate on the nails. That's cool that your BF like the nails. I feel that most men don't even notice how we do our nails and makeup.

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