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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Miscellaneous Hauls And Some Gifts

Hello lovelies,

These are some products I hauled a few days ago and was too lazy to post, lol. The sad thing is that after all the damages, there are some after Christmas sales that are still tempting me.

I took advantage of the Ulta 20% off coupon to snag a few things. luckily for me half of these were also on clearance:

  • NYX HD Concealer. They were on BOGO and with my daughter using it, my last one ran out quickly. This is a repurchase. I've already reviewed this HERE
  • Layla Ceramic Effect CE14
  • Essie Parka Perfect
  • Essie Using My Maiden Name
  • Physicians Formula Eye Booster Eyeliners Ultra Black. One of my favorite black eyeliner.
  • Elegant Touch Envy Wraps. I found these on clearance. I've never used nail wraps so I'm curious to try.

I picked up these Revlon Nail Appliques at CVS, they were almost $10.00 each. Normally, I don't pay much attention to these because they are pricey but I had some extra bucks coupons that I needed to use and couldn't find anything I wanted so with these being so pretty and BOGO 50%, I got a killer deal on them.

So I missed the boat on the MAC Heroine lipstick that came out a couple months ago. Didn't think I was going to need it but the more swatches I saw the more I wanted it BAD! Well, the good news is that it is no longer limited edition and with Radiant Orchid being the new color of the year for 2014, I guess MAC decided to bring it back make it part of the permanent line. Woo hoo! If you love purple lipsticks, you need this shade! 

I can't believe that my Clarins Advanced Extra-Firming Eye Contour cream lasted me a whole year then again, it contains more products then most eye creams. It's still got some but I know I will run out soon and needed to restock on eye cream. When I saw the NUXE skincare on sale at Hautelook, I was curious to try and decided to pick up their eye cream. I liked the fact that it came with a pump and it was fairly priced. Along with that, I decided to get the Huile Prodigieuse. I thought this was going to come with a spray nozzle but it didn't. I was rather disappointed with that because it would have been easier to apply this oil on my skin with a spray since it's rather thin in consistency. It has a pleasant smell though I wouldn't rave about it. It smells woodsy, floral, and a bit sweet like honey.

I received this adorable star ornament from a dear friend. I took a picture of it hanging on one of the flowery light up branches that I keep at my vanity desk. With my 50mm lens and some editing magic, I must say it turned out pretty good!

Another friend gifted me a couple beauty products. She gave me the Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner Set and they came with this very shiny aluminum tin container. I'm totally in love with the colors! I'm such a huge eyeliner junkie and the more the merrier so I was very happy when I saw these.

And lastly, the other gift I received is this Josie Maran BearNaked nail wipes. This container is so cute. I don't even want to use it. I'm fine with just acetone and cotton balls but I guess doesn't hurt to have something more portable for traveling. 

So that's it for this post. Got a couple new things but will do a separate posts for them.

What did you get for Christmas?


  1. Ooo...I'd totally like to try those NYX concealers and that Stila set is sooo gorg! Do use them soon!

    1. I'd definitely do a review on the Stila eyeliners.

  2. I nearly bought those NYX concealers the other day, but backed out at the last minute because I have two other concealers that I haven't used up yet. I am trying so hard to save some money... XD However, as soon as I finish the ones I already have i will definitely be giving the NYX ones a try! :D

    1. I know what you mean. Concealer isn't something I use much but I have still have 3 or 4 different types, lol. I really like this concealer and so does my daughter and this is the first time I repurchased the same concealer, since we were both using it, we finished it pretty quickly.

  3. Wow, you've got quite the haul there! I keep meaning to try the NYX concealers since I read your review, but my Ulta just never has my shade in stock. Either it's quite popular or they're just bad at reordering, lol. That Heroine lipstick is to die for...not sure I'd be brave enough for the shade, but it's so gorgeous. Strangely enough, for not being a purple person, I'm really excited about the orchid color choice for the year. It just feels so energizing somehow.

    1. The NYX display is ravaged whenever my local Ulta has a BOGO sale on them, lol. And I always have to inspect the product before purchasing because people be messing with them. The color orchid is right up my alley so I can't wait to see the new collection and what other companies are coming out with.


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