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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sedona Lace Black Friday Haul

If you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen that I posted the Black Friday sale for Sedona Lace. I think I mentioned it on Twitter as well. All their products were 50% off. That was awesome but the shipping charge was a lot higher than the typical shipping fees I'm used to. They charged me $12.00 shipping for a medium size box. A box like that should only be about $6 or $7 shipping. Last year, they had free shipping for orders over $50. This year, I ordered way above that and they still charged me this much. Anyways, 50% off on all items was still a good deal not to pass.

Ever since the Sigma brushes went up in prices, I've lost interest in them. I discovered the Sedona Lace brushes last year and ordered during Black Friday as well, which is the best time to get them. I can tell you that I have been very pleased with the brushes I've gotten from them, you can view them HERE. They are well made, do not shed, and have retained their shape trough the year. On top of that, I couldn't resist the pink/black gradient bristles. That's just too cute!

I didn't really "need" anymore brushes but it's more like upgrading some old brushes, adding some back ups, and picking up some gifts, that I waited on a sale to go for it.

This year, I decided to go with the Synthetic Large Paddle 919, $15.95 regular price. It's very soft, flexible but not flimsy, and is about 2 inches wide. Great for applying finishing powders and even contouring.

Tulip Contour FB 03, $14.95 regular price. I've always wanted an egg shapped brush like this one, lol. It's tapered at the top but the one I received isn't nearly as pointy as the one pictured on their site. The cut was a bit uneven but I don't think that will affect the performance of the brush. The bristles are soft and I believe they are natural hair but it doesn't say so on their site. This brush has a good density to it. It would work great for applying blushes or bronzers.

Synthetic Flat Top 928, $14.95 regular price. I needed to replace my ELF Studio Powder brush. Sure I could've just bought another one since it only cost $3.00 but all the ones I've owned always loosen up at the ferrule and no matter how much super glue I put there, it still wobbles so I got tired of it. I previously own the Synthetic flat top brush so this is also a back up. I also own the Sigma Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki F80. It is similar to the 928 brush but much denser and cleaning it is a pain to remove all gunk and soap. It also takes longer to dry. The 928 although not as dense, it is still dense enough to apply liquid foundation flawlessly. It has a density similar to the ELF Studio Powder brush but with shorter bristles. Honestly I do like the 928 more than the Sigma F80. It's prettier, cost less, and easier to clean. It's made better than the ELF Studio brush and definitely worth the extra cost.

Synthetic Eye Shading Brush 305, $9.95 regular price. It wasn't really what I was expecting when I received it. It's thinner and flatter; however, it is quite firm. It would be ideal for cream eyeshadows. I'm not sure how well it will work for powder eyeshadows but we'll see. 

I received a free Liquid Eye Pen (retails for $4.95). I was pretty excited when I swatched it because it was very black. I need to test it for a few days before I can do a review on it.

I took advantage of the sale to also grab some brush sets that I will be gifting. I didn't included the pictures here because I don't want them see what I got them, hehe.

What's your favorite brand of brushes? Did you purchase any on Black Friday?


  1. Omgsh I didnt even know! I totally would have picked some of these up. Let me know when theyre next 50% off sale is!!

    1. The only have 50% off on black friday so mark your calendar for next year :)

  2. Nice! I haven't tried this brand but I love the black/pink gradient. They look very well made. I don't think there's anything that bugs me more in a brush than shedding, lol.

    1. They are nice. The synthetic brushes don't shed at all but the natural hair brushes shed occasionally.


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