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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Black Friday Haul - Sedona Lace and MAC

Hello lovelies,

I'm so excited to share with you what I purchased during Black Friday. My ordered arrived on Thursday but it was left at my apartment office so my kids picked it up for me yesterday after they arrived from school.

I was pretty exhausted from work last night but I still made an effort to open up my packages, inspect them, and get a feel for them.

Because I had done quite a bit of hauling during the Sephora VIB sale and picked up some stuff at Ulta last week, I did not want to go overboard with the Black Friday deals...well at least as far as makeup/beauty goes, these are the only things that I bought.

Sedona Lace had a 50% discount on their entire site and I had been eyeing their Midnight Lace brushes for a little while so I just couldn't pass up on the deal. Granted I already have a ton of brushes, I couldn't help myself because these brushes look so ADORABLE in black and pink! I googled and searched reviews and all the reviews were great, which makes me want to own them even more.
Makeup brushes are definitely something I recommend that you invest on because if you buy a good quality brush, it will last you a very long time and make your makeup application look flawless.

So I bought two sets. The first one here is the Midnight Lace Synthetic Brush Set. These are currently sold for $49.95 but with the Black Friday deal, I paid only $24.98. For four gorgeous brushes, can't beat that! That's like paying $6.25 per brush. Such an amazing deal, I still can't believe I only paid that much.
I didn't care too much about this set because I have a few of the Sigma HD face brushes, which looks very similar to these so I didn't really need them, so to speak. But I figured what the heck! It wouldn't hurt to have more! LOL. I'm pretty happy that I got them to be honest. One thing I can tell you from first impression is that they are super soft, look and feel like very good quality brushes, and are quite comparable to Sigma HD brushes. They are less pricey, significantly prettier, similar in quality, and shipping cost is wayyyyy better than Sigma. It's free if your order is $50 or more. Watch out Sigma, you've got a pretty good competition here! I still can't get over the fact that Sigma only offered free shipping for their Black Friday deal...Sedona Lace was definitely the way to go for me. I was getting more bangs for my bucks.

This set comes with:
  • 480-a round top powder brush
  • 602-an angled top powder brush
  • 928-a flat top powder brush
  • A kabuki brush
  • A pretty sheer blue bag
  • A pamphlet with tips and tricks

The second set I purchased is the 7 piece Midnight Lace Synthetic Brush Set. These are currently sold for $59.95 but with Black Friday deal, I only paid $29.98! This was the set I originally wanted and caused me to place the order but since shipping is free if your order is $50 and over, I went ahead and also ordered the other set. Honestly, before I saw this set, I really wanted to order the Sigma Synthetic Precision Kit 5 Brushes but when I saw the deal I was getting with these, there is no question about which set I'd pick.

This set includes: 
  • 872-Synthetic Small Flat Top 
  • 312-Synthetic Small Round 
  • 773-Synthetic Small Angle 
  • 224-Synthetic Small Tapered
  • 847-Synthetic Small Round Flat 
  • 217-Synthetic Small Round Dome 
  • 618-Synthetic Small Angled Flat  
  • A pretty sheer blue bag
The brushes on this set are in my opinion perhaps too big to be used for applying eyeshadows unless you just want to use them to blend harsh edges or apply an all over wash of color. I can still see them being more useful for face makeup application.

Each of the Sedona brushes came with a plastic guard and plastic cover on their handles. They were beautifully packaged in a gorgeous sheer fabric bag. They all have a holographic signature and a brush number. I think this is such a nice touch! So overall, even though I have not tried these brushes yet I am super impressed with the way the brushes look, the quality they appear to  have, how incredibly soft they are, and how much less you'd pay for them as compared to the Sigma HD brushes. Don't get me wrong, Sigma does make good brushes and I love the ones that I have but with the quality and value I am getting with Sedona Lace Midnight brushes exceed what I get from Sigma. I received my order within 5 days from placing it and that's during their Black Friday promo, which I'm pretty sure they were super busy. So I'm very pleased with the saving and service! My grand total was $54.96 for these two set. That's and unbelievable deal! No tax. Free shipping. They even provided me with a tracking number.
I highly recommend you check these Sedona Lace brushes. Look up reviews. I have not come across any bad reviews.

And finally, this wasn't really a Black Friday deal, since I pretty much paid regular price on it, however I was able to use a code for free 2nd day shipping to snag MAC Grey Friday lipstick. Ok, perhaps most of us won't wear a grey lipstick but I just thought it was so cool, unique, and definitely something I do not have in my collection. I already have a vision of this awesome makeup look in mind I want to pair with this lipstick. I'll share with you a swatch but stay tuned if you want to see how it looks on my lips/face and if you are curious about the makeup look I plan to do featuring this lippie :)

Ok, I hope I didn't bore you to death but that's pretty much all that I bought as far as beauty. I did get two other non-beauty items that I plan on briefly sharing with you on a different post :).

What did you haul on Black Friday??? I'm curious to find out what you got. Let me know on the comment.

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  1. Great stuff u got! :) I went to Sephora for the VIB and also used the $20 off reward from Sephora. I will be doing a haul soon. And the rest, I bought coats! Haha :P

    1. Nice. I still haven't used my Sephora reward yet. I need to figure out what to get still lol.

  2. I didn't know Sedona Lace had 50% off!!!! I MISSED IT :(

  3. cutey purple brushes!!! my fave color =)


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