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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hopefully My Last Sephora Haul for 2012

I pretty much waited until the last day to redeem my reward coupon. I went to Sephora after I got off work and by then I was seeing some sparse snow flake coming down. Luckily was nothing alarming.

I definitely needed to restock on face moisturizer and eye cream so when I saw that the Sephora Instant Moisture Kit was on sale for....$10 only! I had to do a double take, lol, cause I thought I was seeing things. This set, which normally is sold for $26, comes with 3 generously sized Sephora skincare products. I had received a sample of the Sephora moisturizer before and I really liked it. The cleansing foam is also pretty good! I purchased it on my previous Sephora haul. Will do a review on that soon. The roll-on for eyes would be something new to me. Since I was getting such an awesome deal on this set, I actually bought two of them. I just didn't include it in the picture.

The Sephora Waterproof makeup remover ($9.50) is also a repurchase. It's a really good remover, the next best thing to Lancome Bi-Facils. 

I decided to try a new eye cream. Previously, I have been using the Boscia Enlivening Amino-AG eye treatment and while I really loved it, I wanted to see if there is potentially something better out there.  After testing and feeling a few of the eye creams that they had in store, I narrowed down my options to the Clarins Advanted Extra-Firming Eye Contour Cream and the Shiseido Bio-Performance Super Eye Contour Cream. All the other creams were either too expensive, smelled funky, didn't have a nice texture, or I didn't like the packaging.
This is probably the most expensive eye cream I have ever purchased so I am really hoping that it makes me happier than my previous cream. This Clarins eye cream cost $60 but it does contains about 20% more product than the typical eye cream. Secondly, I like the pump packaging. I HATE dipping my fingers into a jar. The product always end up underneath my nails, which is a huge pet peeve for me, lol. I also like that it had a very subtle but pleasant scent. I get really turned off by strong and offensive scents, especially if I'm going to wear it on my face. The texture was lightweight, silky, yet felt a bit more moisturizing that my former eye cream. It absorbs quickly. So far it has the look and feel of what I want in an eye cream. The Shiseido Bio-Performance was also similar but price-wise, I was getting a better bargain with Clarins.

And the next few items were stuff that accidentally fell into my basket! LOL.

I want clear pores and I wonder if this Origins mask ($16) will help. I happen to see this little tube on my way to the cash register. Glad they make this in a smaller size for try out.

Benefit Coral My World ($12). Ok, seriously I am debating if I should gift it or keep it. I love these deluxe sample size products. It allows me to try them for cheaper. This is especially good and economical for makeup hoarders like myself. 

Lastly, I purchased a $10 gift card for our white elephant gift exchange tomorrow at work. We did that last Christmas and it has hilarious and so much fun actually. Rules may vary but for us, we had to purchase a $10 gift card and include some clues in the bag and the person who randomly picks your bag, has to guess what the gift card is for based on the clues. All the gifts will be wrapped and put on a table. Everyone will pick a number which will determine who will be going first, next, and last. Each person can choose one gift other than theirs from the table, will open in from of everyone and guess the gift card. The next person to go has the option of keeping the gift they picked out if they like or steal any of the previous gifts that were revealed. So in this game, you really want to be the last person because you can steal anyone's gift, LOL. Last year, we had a few people stealing gifts, it was so funny. And the funny thing is it was the gift that I bought. The person who won my gift last year, had a $10 gift card to Victoria Secrets plus $12 worth VS items. This year, I'm only putting a handful of beauty samples as clues.

So that's it for my haul. Have you every played a white elephant gift exchange? If so, let me know how you liked it, haha. What did you redeem your Sephora reward coupon for?

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  1. oh dear.. i see clarins =) i love that brand.. but not available here in the philippines.. i got mine as a gift from singapore =)

    1. This is actually my first time trying out the brand. Glad to her you like it.

    2. yes.. i love it so much.. hope that someday they would open a store here.. =( *wishing*

  2. Love the Benefit set! :) Coral my World is so cute!!


    1. Thanks. It is indeed a very cute set. Would make a great gift too.


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