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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Illamasqua Medium Pencils Swatches and Review

Hi lovelies,

I've been too tired to post on my blog lately since I've been putting extra hours at work. Well today, I got off my regular time because the weather was getting bad. We got rain mixed with snow so I had to be extra cautious on the way home since it's pretty slippery. Any of you out there who's getting hit with this winter storm, please be safe. I have a feeling I'll still have to go to work tomorrow...Uhhhhh. I hate driving in the snow.

Anyways, these are the two Illamasqua pencil liners that I got to try out from the Alter Ego Mystery Set. They are labeled as multifunctional for eyes, lips, face, and body.

Each liner is .05 oz and there's really nothing fancy about the packaging as you can see.

Cane is a matte pale yellow.

Severe is a matte deep burgundy plum. This one is great for lining the lips.

I think the colors are pretty pigmented. You can get a good color payoff on the first pass. The pencils are not that creamy, not too soft or too hard. I personally think they work really well on the lips or other body parts other than your eyes. You'll still be able to use them on your eyes but they do tug a bit and they only last about two hours on me as an eyeliner. After that, they start smudging and fading. I like using Cane on the waterline, it brightens my eyes and looks natural. The only con is that it doesn't last very long. 

Overall, I think these are great liners but if you want something specifically for lining your eyes, I recommend you look elsewhere unless you don't mind retouching them every couple hours.

My rating: 8/10.


  1. Illamasqua has the best products :) I love their eyeshadows so much but I'm also loving their blushes. I have yet to try these pencils :)

    The Misty Mom

    1. I have to agree, their blushes are really good! I like their lipglosses too.


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