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Monday, December 17, 2012

Nail Polish Haul...Again! :D

Well, well, look who lost control again? SMH. Ok, so with the Holidays coming up there has been a lot of sales going and who can resist getting a discount? Even myself feel like I need to take advantage of it. And as much as I try to focus on the things I need, I can't help but still throw in my cart/basket a few items that I'm just curious about. So the sales kinda give me an excuse to get things I don't necessarily need but what happens after that?

I think so far this year, though I still hauled regularly, I did not accumulate as many things as the years before. I've reluctantly threw out some products because they went bad and I've barely even touched them. However, this year my nail polish stash exploded. I mean I buy so many nail polishes, it's getting ridiculous. I don't even want to count how many I currently have.

Reasons why I can't get enough of nail polishes
1. There are still many colors I haven't tried, LOL. Sad but true in spite of having over 200 polishes.
2. Unlike makeup, I can wear any color, any time, so they are very versatile for me.
3. Most of them are fairly inexpensive or affordable.
4. They have a longer shelf life, I think. So I don't feel bad since I can keep them longer.

Anyways, I'm just rambling...The point of this post is mainly to show you the new babies I've adopted and like always, I will try to swatch them for you as soon as possible.

First picture from left to right: OPI Number One Nemesis, OPI Sea Ya Later Sailor, Color Club De-Luxe-Cious, Savina Purple Confetti, Color Club Ruby Slippers.

I purchased these polishes at a nail supply store. I don't know what I did with the receipt but they were less than $5 each. Along with the nail polishes, I bought some holographic gold diamond glitters and star glitters with color shifting from green to purple and teal. They were $1.50 each.

This second set of nail polishes were purchased at a few different stores at the mall. From left to right: Love Charlotte (from Charlotte Russe), Color Clubs (from Rue 21, they did not have names for some reason), Icing So Fierce, Icing Super Freak (lol I love the name, I think it suits the polish), and Icing Matte Topcoat.

I'm still waiting on an order of nail polish...LOL...yes there is more to come, just so you know.

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  1. The unnamed Color Clubs are Personal Stylist and Port-folio. They're part of the True Fashion Fall 2012 collection.

    Those two colors were paired as a set at one point, maybe that's why they didn't have labels (if the set was broken up to sell individually)?

    1. The purple duochrome does look like Portfolio but the dark blue one I don't think it's Personal Stylist based on the swatched I googled cause it's a bit too dark and doesn't have a strong shimmer like Personal Stylist. It may look like that on the bottle but when swatched it's barely noticeable.

  2. Those Color Club polishes look striking - I'm looking forward to your swatches!


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