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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Face Cleansers/Exfoliators I've Been Using

Hello Beauties,

I just want to share and briefly go over some of the facial cleansers and exfoliators I have been using lately. I'm always hesitant to do reviews on skincare because my skin is pretty normal so most product I use help maintain my skin but doesn't really anything do amazing or noticeably different.
Anyways, just for the record, I have normal and oily combination skin. I'm moderately oily on my T-zone. Other problem I suffer from is uneven skintone and light freckles. I don't have sensitive skin and I rarely get bad reactions to products. 

Sephora Supreme Cleansing Foam. This is what I've been using to remove my face makeup and it does a really good job at melting the makeup off my face. I do however remove my eye makeup with a separate remover but this one I use for the face. It has a generic pleasant scent and feels very light and gentle. This is a product I recommend that you try cause it works and it's cheap. You can get a 5 oz bottle for only $3 right now.

Olay Regenerist Microdermabrasion Peel System. The microdermabration treatment has a sheer orangy color to it and also has a subtle fruity scent. Step one, you are supposed to first scoop some of that and scrub your face with it for about a minute. It contains fine derma crystals and that stuff does give a really good friction on your skin. Step two is to squeeze a bit of the peel activator serum, which looks like a clear gel, and rub it over the derma crystals. You will feel a slightly warm sensation but it doesn't sting. It just feels warm and gives a little more slip to the derma crystals. If you have sensitive skin, perhaps it may be best if you use both products mixed together at the same time.
I really like this product and I use it once or twice a week. My face feels a little dry but really clean and regenerated after I use this.

Missha Facial Black Sugar Scrub. This is an awesome everyday exfoliator. It smells just like brown sugar. The consistency is very thick but once you apply it on wet skin, it sort of melt a bit and spread over your face. The abrasion isn't too harsh but not too soft either, just average. My skin feels polished and really good after I use it. It also seems to add some moisture.

Mario Badescu Almond and Honey Non-Abrasive face scrub. This is a huge jar and took me a long time to finish. There is 4 oz of product in there but I guess the other factor is that I didn't really like this face scrub. The scent is nice since it smells like almond. This scrub feels very creamy and moisturizing but what let me down was the lack of almond and how chunky they were. They are very sparse but when you feel it, they are chunky and there's really no point of having chunky piece of almond in there cause they really do not do anything as far as exfoliating goes. This does not cleanse your face either so if you are going to use this, you will need a cleanser first and then this but since it doesn't exfoliate or do anything it's kind of pointless for me. Definitely a product I regret buying.

Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub. I grabbed this at Walgreens one of those days I was shopping there because it was on sale and because I was curious about this new skincare line. The first time I used it, the scent almost knocked me out! It has a very strong lemony fragrance and smells like bathroom cleaners. YUUUCKKKS! I hear some people like this but I sure don't. The scent is so strong and offensive that I literally have to hold my breath when I'm using this. Because the scent is similar to some of the bathroom cleaners I've used, it makes me feel like I'm using bathroom cleaners to clean my face. The scrubbing beads are gentle though a bit large and sparse in that white gel like cleanser. I don't feel like it does anything to my skin but even if it did, the scent was a deal breaker. Definitely sniff this if you can handle it before you buy.

True Blue Spa Apricot & White Tea Face Scrub. The scent is a bit strong but it does smell nice. The scrubs are gentle enough for daily use and I like how it doesn't make my skin feel dry afterward but this scrub does not clean your face so you would still need to use a cleanser before it. I still find some trace of makeup it didn't remove when I use this alone. I like it but it's too bad it doesn't cleanse.

Well this is it for my brief review or thoughts on these products. Let me know if you have any questions and how you feel about these products if you've tried them.

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