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Monday, December 10, 2012

Illamasqua Creme Blusher Brazen - Swatches and Review

Hello Beautifuls,

Today, I will be reviewing and swatching this lovely cream blush from Illamasqua that I received in my Alter Ego Mystery set. When I first opened up Brazen, I thought wow this is so wicked red! If you remember my haul post, I received this blush with a suspicious white stuff on the lower left corner, which some people have mentioned in other posts and reviews that it is mold.
Well, as you can see the white stuff is gone and it actually disappeared about 2 hours after I had received my package, which lead me to believe that it may just be frozen condensation from the product. My package has been traveling in the cold before it got to me. The product didn't have an odd smell so I think it is perfectly fine.


  • It's pretty and practical. 
  • Contains .14 oz or 4g of product.


  • Brazen is a true red but it may look a bit warm if you have warm undertone. When looking at the color in the pan, it is quite intimidating; however formula is fantastic and the product applies like a dream. It is pretty pigmented but I lightly applied it with a small stippling blush and it literally melts and blend effortlessly.
  • The finish is slightly dewy (not shimmery), which I like cause I think it looks most natural on me and gives my skin a more youthful glow.
  • The lasting power is fairly good, I'd say about 6 hours on me.
  • This could also double up as a lip product. On the swatches I am wearing Brazen on both my lips and cheeks and as you can see it looks quite lovely and not as scary as it does in the pan.

Final Thought
This is by far the best cream blush I have ever tried. Some other brands that I tried were too thick or tacky, some were too glossy, but this one Illamasqua perfected the formula. It is incredibly light and pigmented. It was really easy to apply and blend with a stippling brush, which I highly recommend that you use for this blush. The product literally melts right into your skin and applies beautifully and evenly. It also last fairly well on me.

My rating: 10/10.

What do you think, is this a blush you'd try?

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  1. Replies
    1. Yes if you use a light touch, you can make this work.

    2. my first cream blush is NYX in Natural =) i almost hit the pan hihi

  2. Wow - love it! So few cream blushes can be used both ways!

  3. Such a beautiful blush! I wish I had an eyeshadow of that exact color. x

    1. That would be quite interesting for an eyeshadow

  4. Replies
    1. I agree. I like this much more than I anticipated.


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