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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Color Club Nail Polish Swatches

Hello lovelies,

Just wanted to do a quick nail polish swatch spam, lol...Although putting it together was nowhere close to quick. You know what I find odd looking at these pictures is that the Color Club polishes I purchased from Rue 21 (on the left) have a different cap as compared to the original Color Club. Plus they weren't labeled with any name so I guess I'm just going to call them with whatever I can think of.

Purple/Green Duochrome. This color reminded me of Color Club Port-folio, but I can't be too sure if it is actually Port-folio in a different packaging. It looks awfully similar to it.You can get opaque coverage in two coats but I did three since it didn't apply evenly in some areas.

Color Club dark blue shimmers. In the bottle, it kinda reminded me of Essie Dive Bar but on the nails it's much darker and the shimmers are subdued by the dark base. It's very pigmented and opaque on the first coat.

Color Club Ruby Slippers. I think other brands have a similar shade also called Ruby Slippers. This is a bright jelly red base with small red glitters. Opaque in two coats. Though I'm not a fan of red polishes, this one is absolutely lovely because of the finish. There's a gorgeous depth and sparkles to it that looks so much better in person. It's very holiday-ish.

Color Club De-Luxe-Cious. Gorgeous silver grey polish with gold, blue, green glitters. So lovely on the nails. I have 2 coats here with a top coat and it totally sucked my topcoat instantly. Bummer! Do any of you know a really good topcoat that works well with glitter polishes? I wonder if I should just apply more top coat until it stops sucking it in, lol.

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  1. Ruby Slippers looks amazing in bright light!

  2. I have become a huge color club fan! love them!

    1. Color Club is definitely one of my favorite brand. It's cheaper than China Glaze and OPI and still great quality.


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