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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Piggy Polish Three Cheers and a Tiger - Swatch

Happy sunday!

Yeah I know, there she goes again...What can I say? I just love nail polish and I think it's my largest beauty collection probably because it's the most versatile for me. I can wear any color any time, and still be totally acceptable for work. Where as makeup, I really don't do much on work days. I keep it simple since it's more appropriate.

Here's the polish I pick up from Ulta about a week ago. This is my first Piggy Polish and the thing that really drew me in was the orange jelly base and the golden bar glitters that look like sparkles! Such a cool-looking polish I thought. I just had to try it.

The formula was rather thick and goopy, which makes it hard to get an even application and spread around the bar glitters. I'm wearing two coats and a top coat. This is definitely a polish that could benefit from a few drops of thinner. Otherwise, what you see in the bottle is what you get on the nails. I really love it!

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