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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

I Love Nail Polish Multichrome Swatch - Nostalgia and Sweet Serenade

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family. I hope you're having a great one. Finally, the day has arrived! We can enjoy the festivities, open our presents, and get on with your lives. I woke up to an excruciating painful leg cramp that got me bouncing off my bed as if it was set on fire. Not a nice way to start the day but it's good to be home and relaxing because tomorrow is another day at work.

So today, I am very excited to share with you two new multi-chrome that I purchased from I Love Nail Polish. I actually received it about 10 days ago but my nails weren't in good shape for swatches so I decided to wait until they grow a little longer.

Nostalgia was newly released earlier this month and the moment I saw this beauty my jaw literally dropped! It's beautifully named as well. Nostalgia makes me think of the most cherished and tender memories. It brings me back to a distant time and place where my heart was content and at peace. Memories I've visited quite often this year in my lonely mind. Nostalgia, the nail polish, evokes an essence of beauty and harmony. Its multi-dimensional and multi-chromeness are like colors on steroids. Vibrant, beautiful, and intense...much like some of my past memories. The color shift is very strong and changes from a glowy emerald green to a shimmery bronze and a flash of burgundy. The formula is slightly sheer and requires 3 coats for full opacity. It's prone to show brush strokes, therefore, you'd have take your time and carefully apply the polish so that your brush strokes are nice and even. Nostagia is the perfect multi-chrome. It's so unique, it's a must have for any nail junkie (or dreamer) out there. Having it in my possession makes me want to smile and cry at the same time, lol. I know I'm a little weird like that but I can't help myself when I see a nail polish this gorgeous.

Sweet Serenade reminded me at first of a peacock feather. The strongest colors are dark blurple and teal. And depending on how the light reflects on the polish, you can also take notice of a glowy dark blue. It also has some sparkling blue shimmers that adds a bit of whimsical flair to the polish. Because the overall colors are a little darker in this polish the multi-chromeness is more apparent under bright lighting. This polish was opaque in two coats and I didn't have any trouble with the formula or trail of brush strokes.
After I applied it on my nails, my perspective of a peacock feather started to change. The colors took appearance of Northern Lights on my nails. The way the teal moves and dances with the light over the contrasting dark purple very much reminds me Northern Lights in a dark blue sky. I hope that someday I can enjoy the view of real Northern Lights in the sky. I've only seen pictures and there's something magical and beautiful about it. For now, I think Sweet Serenade is a sweet contender to the real Northern Lights. Wouldn't you agree?

Each nail polish contains .4 oz or 12 ml. I Love Nail Polish makes fabulous multi-chrome nail polishes. I'd gladly exchange 3 of my regular nail polishes for one of these multi-chromes. That's how beautiful they are and totally worth every dollar I spent. If you'd like to see swatches of the other I Love Nail Polish Multi-Chrome that I own, you can view them HERE.

Price: $12.50 each

Happy Holidays <333


  1. The second one, the I love!!! I bought two polishes from Revlon recently and they look very similar but I haven't worn them yet!

    1. What? Revlon has similar colors? Which shades are they? I'm curious to see.

  2. These are both gorgeous!! Definitely unlike anything I've seen before. If I had these I think I would just sit and stare at them all day, lol, they're both too pretty for words. Sweet Serenade definitely looks like the northern lights.

    1. I feel giddy when I look at my nails with these on lol


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