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Monday, August 4, 2014

My Beauty Addiction Cosmetics Lipsticks and Lip Paint Swatches

The other day, when I told my son that I was expecting a package in the mail, he asked if it was makeup and I said yes. And he also asked why do we girls have to have so many colors and I said, because of the different texture and formula they come with. And he said "So it's like Pokemon but for makeup, gotta catch them all!" lol.

I am back with the swatches on my recent haul with MBA Cosmetics lipsticks and lip paint products. If you missed the haul post, you can view it HERE for more pictures and other details.
My swatches varies a bit from the seller's swatches. I find them similar in color but their seem to be more opaque, smoother, and more vibrant than mine. Other than that, I am still pleased with the creaminess and color payoff of these unconventional lip colors. Some have a thicker texture than others but they're all creamy and easy to apply and have a dose of shine to them. They are unscented but I can detect a subtle synthetic scent to them. They have no taste. I can't attest to how long they wear since I didn't test their longevity.

They come in a jar packaging (5 g for $5.50), slim tube (3.5 g for $5.00), or lipstick tube ($7.50).

Indigo HD Lip Paint Jar (5 g)- dark bluish purple with a sheen. It looks a bit more purple on me than the swatch on the seller's website. It also looks bold and shiny. Formula is very creamy and has a very good color pay off. This one will leave a pink stain behind. 

Kohl Color Rich Lipstick Jar (5 g) - opaque black lipstick with a cream finish. It feels a little thicker but still has a creamy consistency that makes it easy to apply. It's perfect for mixing with other colors if you want to darken them.

Skooldayz HD Lip Paint Jar (5 g) - bright primary yellow with a cream finish. I was afraid that it might apply patchy because of the color but to my surprise, it had a pretty even application. The formula is a little thicker but creamy and very pigmented. 

Emerald Color Rich Lipstick sample - It's a medium emerald green with a frosty/metallic finish. It looks a bit darker on the seller's website swatch but lighter on me. Surprisingly, I really liked how it looks but I would prefer it a bit darker. I will have to mix it with Khol or Breathless to get the color I want. Formula is creamy and very pigmented.

Glamazon Color Rich Lipstick sample - a shimmery pale gold with a frosty finish. Color is pretty close to the seller's swatch. Formula is creamy and pigmented. Because it's a lighter shade, I find that it will highlight dryness and creases on lips. Definitely need to exfoliate and prime lips prior to applying this lip color. I've always wanted a gold lipstick, this one is a bit pale for me. I think a deeper gold will look more flattering.

Gunmetal Rich Lipstick sample - black with silver shimmers and frosty/metallic finish. I wished it was lighter. It looks more black than grey and it is just a smidgen lighter than Kohl. I can barely tell the difference between the two. The shimmers in Gunmetal are also quite subtle. Both are very shiny and look too similar I think. If you get one, you probably won't need the other. Formula is creamy and pigmented.

Heliotrope Color Rich Lipstick Slim Tube (3.5 g)  - medium berry pink with a purple undertone and subtle pink shimmers. It's not as deep or as intense as the seller's swatch. I had to warm up the tube and swiped 2 or 3 layers in order to get the flow of color going. It's fairly creamy and has good pigmentation. I love the color though I wished it looked more like the seller's swatch.

Breathless HD Lip Paint Slim Tube (3.5 g) - Dark greyish blue with a slight metallic sheen. It's definitely not as blue or as intense as the seller's swatch but it's still a gorgeous unique shade nonetheless. Formula is creamy and pigmented. 

Sugar Babies Jojoba lip glaze in the shade Candy Baby (free sample) - this is a light baby pink with a silvery sheen to it. The gloss feels a little thick but applies smoothly, has good pigmentation, and doesn't feel sticky. It has a sweet candy smell to it, like cotton candy. I'm usually not fond of frosty pink shades but this one doesn't look too bad on me I think.

Candy Baby

Watchu think? Would you try any of these?


  1. Wow. Very unique colors :-)
    I liked "Candy baby" shade the most

    1. Yes, I wished the seller had more colors.

  2. These are beautiful! They look great on you! The only ones I'd even attempt to wear are: Heliotrope and Candy Baby. They are tame enough for me. =)

    1. Thanks. I wished we see more people wear unconventional lip shades. Sometimes, I get tired of wearing the usual colors.

  3. The dark lipsticks look great on you especially the blue one.
    Are you gonna combine them with some eye look?

    1. Yes I plan on using them and mixing them up for a few makeup looks. Hopefully soon. Thanks

    2. great - hope to see the make up look soon

  4. Just came across all of your MBA Cosmetic posts and absolutely LOVE them! Love all your photos. I have been a long time MBA fan, and now I work as their Social Media Manager! I noticed you talk about a synthetic smell in this post and another... Its iron oxide that you are smelling. Certian colors of micas & iron oxides have a more noticeable smell. :)

    I left a comment on your facebook page, but I will also write here, we would love to share your photos on our facebook & instagram pages and would credit you too. Let me know if that is ok with you? feel free to shoot me an email:


    1. Thanks for the info about iron oxide. You may share my pictures if you like :)

    2. Thanks for the info about iron oxide. You may share my pictures if you like :)


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