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Sunday, August 3, 2014

My Beauty Addiction Cosmetics Lipstick and Lip Paint Haul & Sneak Peak Swatches

Hello Beautifuls,

I wanted to share with you a haul with unconventional lipstick colors. I don't know about you but I like playing with colors and the best way to get colors you normally won't find in store is to get them from an indie brand. There were a few different indie companies I was contemplating but ultimately, I decided to go with My Beauty Addiction Cosmetics because of the price and good reviews. I didn't find a whole lot of reviews online but almost everyone who ordered through their Etsy store had a positive experience.

I made my purchase through their Etsy store but they also have their own website where you can purchase their products as well. As of right now, I notice that they have a 25% off sale going on with their lip products on their website and I will perhaps take advantage of this sale to get a few more things.

I place my order last Saturday and I received my package on Wednesday. So the shipping was very quick, which makes me a happy camper. My order total came down to $30.50 and they charged me $3.25. So I am happy to get all these colors for that price. I received my order in a large padded envelope and the products were also bubble wrapped, except for the samples.

Here's how MBA Cosmetics describes their lipstick and lip paints:

Maximum color payoff! Our Color Rich Lipstick is loaded with Vitamin E and Shea Butter for a nourishing & healing lipstick that delivers maximum color. This is not a sheer color, or a lip tint. If you are looking for intense color rich lipstick this is for you!

Our HD Lip Paints are very vivid and intense lipsticks that are dye based rather than mica based. Intense, vivid colors that are opaque and offer great coverage, matte to semi matte finish and long wear. We offer our HD Lip Paints in both a whipped creamy formula in a jar, and in a lipstick tube (most colors). However, due to our super creamy formula and the high dye load it makes a softer lipstick which may break easier and we highly recommend the jar formula.

MBA Cosmetics lipsticks and Lip Pants come in 3 packaging options: jar (5 g), petite slim tubes (3.5 g), or lipstick tubes (5g). Price varies between the types of packaging.

I picked 3 colors in the jar packaging: Kohl, Skooldayz, and Indigo. I would recommend jar packaging if you plan to mix colors for more fun and color options.

All their products are sealed. They are also properly labeled with the name of the company, the weight, the ingredient list, and the name of the color and product.

The petite lipstick and lip paint are slim and long. It's good that they included a warning label on the tube that you may not be able to twist the product back into to tube. I am also pleased to read that they use more oil and less wax.

For the petite slim tubes, I picked up the colors breathless and Heliotrope.

From left to right: Heliotrope, Breathless, Kohl, Indigo, Skooldayz

Lastly, I purchased 3 samples for $4.00 and they come in these plastic clamshells. I got the shade Gunmetal, Emerald, and Glamazon.

Gunmetal, Emerald, Glamazon

They surprised me with a free lipgloss sample. I was sent the shade Candy Baby.

Overall, I am pleased with this company so far. I like the functional packaging and that they come in different packaging options. I also like the fact that they are properly labeled. The quick shipping, reasonable prices, and large color selection is a plus. I would definitely reorder from them in the future.

I'll come back later to post more swatches and tell you what I think of the colors and formula.

Have you ordered from them before? What is your favorite Indie company?


  1. Wow, those color are crazy! I have never worn unconventional shades of lipsticks but that blue is just stunning and I'd love that sample pink shade, love the shimmer!

    1. I'm gonna need to start wearing these funky colors on my days off, hehe. They look pretty cool I think.

  2. Oh wow I love Heliotrope. Very nice swatches, thank you!

    1. It's the wearable shade out of the pack. It is a beauty. Definitely my kind of shade.


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