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Saturday, January 7, 2012

ELF Haul - Not Very Happy About It

About a week ago, I placed an order with ELF because of a few items that I needed. I used a 50% off coupon code which made this order a little cheaper. Shipping is however $6.95, which I find pretty expensive considering it came in a padded envelop only and I didn't even order that much stuff. My total came to $15.45 with shipping included.

I previously had the Eyeshadow C brush but bought another back up because it think it applies cream eyeshadows the best.

The bristles are soft, dense, and never shed. It's a little wide so if you have small eyes you may not like this brush.

Another brush I picked up is a retractable lip brush. I find the brush a little small. I would prefer it to be wider so that I can also pick up more product and fill my lips with it. The packaging is neat though.

I was the most excited about this Eyebrow Treat & Tame so I tried it right away when I opened my package. I was rather quickly disappointed when it failed to perform. The Treat side, which is clear, is a regrowth gel. I personally don't really care for it but I suppose I can give it a try if it does anything to my thin brows.

The Tame side is a tinted gel with fibers. I didn't know it was suppose to come like that cause when I looked at the brush, I was like what the heck is this? LOL. Anyways, I was more interested in the Tame side but it failed miserably on me because the bristles of the brush, tinted gel, and fibers don't coat my brow hair very well. It still looks the same after 3 passes. I have to do like a dozen passes in order for the color to start showing, which is ridiculous. I'm pretty sad about this considering the good reviews posted on the ELF's website. Don't trust them! What a waste of money and to think that I bought a second one too. Please don't buy this. It's crap!

Another thing I'm not very happy about is the ELF Natural Lashes that I ordered. The thing is there is a lot of inconsistency in the way these lashes are made and cut. If made right, they look great just like the top two pairs. The top right is slightly uneven but not too obvious. The bottom left has considerably less hair and on the bottom right one side is shorter than the other. My word of advice is if you want to try these lashes, get them from a retailer (Target or Dollar Store) so you can manually pick the good ones.

So that's it for my not so exciting haul but just thought you guys should know as well in case you plan to order any of these items. From my experience with ELF, their products are either a hit or miss, which is why I rarely order from them. Cheap products that don't work or are poorly made is still a waste of money even if it was just a dollar. I know they do have other products that are decent and that I enjoy too but the last few bad ones that I got from my previous purchases make me reluctant to order from them anymore.
What are your thoughts on ELF products? Love them or leave them?

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1 comment:

  1. It's so disappointing when you end up hating a product that other people love.
    I've never tried any ELF products for pretty much all the reasons you mentioned in your final paragraph!! It is also more expensive in the UK.

    Thanks for the honest review


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