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Monday, May 9, 2011

My First Lush Purchase Ever

A while back, I stopped by Lush and didn't know anything about them. I was overwhelmed with all they got that I ended up leaving unsure and confused.
This time I forced myself to come home with something and I needed to also buy some gifts. Fortunately, Lush had quite a few gift boxes already all wrapped and ready to give, which is cool and saves me from having to wrap.
I heard so many great things about Lush but I never actually tried anything from them until today. If you are like me and are clueless or know little about what Lush is then I'll just say that basically, it's a company/brand that makes handmade soaps and skincare products. Their products are made fresh with natural ingredients.

The benefits of using handmade soaps vs. commercial soaps
  • Commercial soaps are mass-produced and often contain harsh or harmful ingredients, detergents, fillers, and artificial preservatives that can irritate or dry the skin
  • Handmade soaps are made of natural products which  are beneficial for your skin and eco-friendly.

I picked these up last weekend
  • Two boxed gifts ($29.95 and $19.95)
  • BB Seaweed mask, $5.95
  • Angels On Bare Skin, $1.50
  • Free sample of Ocean Salt face and body scrub

They gave me this flyer, which is cool because it tells you what are the benefit of each ingredients they use.

 I asked for a sample of Ocean Salt scrub because it looked interesting. It contains sea salt, avocado, lime oil, coconut fats, seaweed, and violet leaf. I'm having a hard time describing the scent. It's something you will have to sniff for yourself. I tried this the other day on my face and owwww, the salt is way too harsh on my skin. I totally cannot recommend this to use on your face, even though they labeled it "face and body". It is more suited for body if you ask me. This product is quite expensive, 4.2 oz will cost you $19.95.

For myself, I decided to try out the skincare products first. I picked out the BB seaweed mask. This mask is freshly made and has a 3 week self life. The date it was made and the expiration date is labeled on the packaging. This is supposed to be kept refrigerated. I tried it a couple times and so far, I've been really liking it. Since it's kept in the fridge, it feels so refreshing and cool when you apply it. When I rinse it off, my skin feels refreshed, nice, and smooth. Again, I'm not very good at describing scents but it smells really fresh, earthy, like herbs and spices. This product contains seaweed, honey, rose, and aloe vera. One thing I also want to note is, if you bring back 5 of the black containers, you get a free mask! This tub is 2.1 oz and costs $5.95.

Here is a list of the different type of masks that they offer. Click on the picture to enlarge if you want to read more about each of them.

 I asked for a small piece of Angels on Bare Skin face cleanser. This product is sold by weight ($50.00 per pound). The consistency is like a dry dough. You supposed to break a small piece of it, mix it with a bit of water in the palm of your hand and once it feels more like a paste, apply it your face to cleanse. It contains ground almond that helps gently exfoliate your skin. It also contains rose oil, lavender oil, and lavender flowers. It mostly smells like lavender, which is suppose to be soothing and relaxing.

So I bought these two packages to be given as gifts. I took a picture of the tag since it tells you what's inside and what it is. They told me there is instruction inside the box as to how to use each product. These make great gifts, in case you need some gift ideas. The sales associate told me they always have them gift boxes, and offer a large variety of assorted bar soaps and other goodies.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my Lush goodies. What is your favorite Lush product? Or what would  you like to try from Lush?


  1. Great first haul :D Although not all Lush products I've tried are hits, I like their company values and some products are winners. I haven't tried Angels on Bare Skin but I smelled it at the store and the scent was really nice :) I think Ocean Salt would be way too harsh for my skin but I've heard some people use it daily to cleanse their face.... Everyone's different I guess lol

  2. AngelicBetrayal..I'm sure it's like that with many brands...some will work better than others. I can't imagine how some people can use the sea salt on their face, it's so coarse and rough. It felt like using sandpaper to scrub my face, lol

  3. cool stuff!


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