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Monday, May 23, 2011

FOTD Featuring Make Up Forever #92

I've been very busy and tired with work lately that it's been hard for me to find the time or energy to do a makeup look. Since I've just acquired MUFE #92 on my recent Sephora haul, the weekends that I don't work are my only chance to play with makeup. I came up with this bright pink/purple look with dramatic lips.
It looks fine in pictures but in person, these colors are so out there, lol. Anyways, I know it's more of a runway look.
One thing that really annoyed me was that the eyeshadow stained my skin and after I removed it, the area around my eyes were pink and I looked sick! :-O

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  1. Awesome look! :D Just curious, do you wear these bright looks out and about or is just for experimentation purposes? I don't wear full on brights out that much partially because they seem harder to pull off and I don't have time to play around most of the time. I admire people who wear spunky, crazy colors though!

  2. This is just beautiful! You can rock any look! Wow :)

  3. Thanks ladies :)

    AngelicBetrayal--Most of my colorful makeup looks are experimental. I rarely ever go out, lol, I'm too old to get my shake on...but when I do, I like wearing dramatic makeup. Normally, my day makeup is pretty toned down and nothing really that's going to scream hey look at my makeup :D

  4. prettiest purples EVER!

  5. The purple is stunning on you!! :) I love it so much!!


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