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Friday, May 20, 2011

Sephora Haul - NARS, Make Up Forever, and Stila Plus Bonus Swatches

Last week, I placed an order on Sephora's website for the notorious Make Up Forever eyeshadow #92 and Aqua Liners. However, when I received my package, they gave me the wrong color on one of the Aqua Liners. Bummed, I called my local Sephora store to see if they have it in stock and the Sale Associate told me they did and can put it on hold for me. When I got there, they couldn't find it. I was very surprised the fuchsia color sold out first. They offered to call and place an order for me and give me free shipping, but the customer service was really no help when I told him I had a 10% off promo. He said he could only use one promotion code. At that point, I bounced and said "wait, it's not my fault the order got screwed and I had to go through this!" Anyways, he really didn't give me much of a choice. The cashier was like feeling really bad for me so she gave me extra samples. So yeah, Sephora's (phone) customer service really sucks.

From Sephora's store, I saw that this new palette is out and available, I decided to get it since everyone else has them but me. This trio contains NARS best-selling blush, highlighter, and bronzer all in one compact. From left to right, we have Orgasm, Albatross, and Laguna. These shades are available separately but will cost you an arm and a leg to buy them individually, which is why I wanted to get the trio instead. There is plenty of product to last me a long time. If you've been dying to try these product, this is an easier way to get them all in this one compact, which is pretty large actually if you look at it. Price $55.00.

Here's a heavier swatch of the blush/bronzer trio. I'm not really gonna go into the details since I'm pretty sure most of you already heard enough raves about these products. I mainly bought it because I'm a blogger and have been wanting to compare them to what I currently own.

I took a few pictures of the gold Aqua Liner since I was going to exchange it. As you can see, it's a shimmery sheer gold liner. These Aqua Liner are amazing! They will not budge or smudge no matter what you do. Great for the summer when you want your eyeliner to last through the heat and sweats.

As of now, I have the Aqua Liner (4) and (13). The fuchsia is on it's way and I should be getting it next week. Why fuchsia, you may wonder. I like to go for colors that are unique whenever possible. This is one of them. I don't know of any eyeliner this color out there. These liners are $23.00 each.

While I was at Sephora, I swatched more Aqua Liner colors into my hand. I got this genious idea to take a picture of it when I get home so I can share it with you all,  :D

Make Up Forever #92. Finally, I caved in and got it. I normally don't spend that much on a single eyeshadow, unless I think it's worth it. I soooo need to do a makeup look with it. Price: $19.00.

The Stila Sparkle Waterproof liquid eyeliner pretty much works like the MUFE Aqua Liners. I picked the shade Royal because it differ from any liquid eyeliner color I've seen. The rest of the colors look very similar if not exactly like some of the shade I found in MUFE Aqualiners. I will do a post comparing the two. This cost $22.00.

Again, I swatched these Stila Sparkle liners at the store and took a picture of the swatch when I got home. They are very pretty but the Aqua Liner have a larger color selection.

Yay for free samples! I hope I don't forget to use them.

That's it for my haul. I hope you found it helpful or interesting.


  1. you got great stuff!(:

  2. I don't even like liquid liner because I suck at applying it BUT those swatches are GORGEOUS :D The MUFE color selection is incredible! I would totally just get the teal one for summer and wear it every single day.... and I usually stick to neutrals! Thanks for the swatches!


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