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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Having Your Work Stolen For Personal Gain

So I found out that this person--sandy tings--used my picture without my authorization. I left her a comment to remove the picture but obviously she couldn't care less.

I reported the post and I've also emailed Luuux that the picture was mine, was taken from my blog, that I've already posted it in the beauty universe.
It is still there! When are they going to do something about it? Isn't copyright important to Luuux? This picture is clearly mine, watermarked, and obviously my body part is on it. How much proof do they want?
I'm upset that this person didn't have the courtesy to ask. I'm upset that this person obtained personal gain through my work. Not cool!
I spend a lot of time, taking pictures, swatching, removing makeup, editing my pictures, and write my blog. That is a lot of work and I'm sure those who also take pride in their work, can vouch for that.
To see someone use my work without even asking and getting compensated for it makes me angry. It's unfair, disrespectful, and hurtful.

It's just upsetting seeing these people ruin it for me and the rest of us who put time and effort to write original and legitimate contents!

***Update--After reaching a moderator and telling him about the situation, the post was deleted :)***

This post is also shared on Luuux.


  1. OMG SERIOUSLY! I dont like saying i hate someone but what shes doing is down right ridiculous! i reported her so many times. I was gonna comment on that post and tell her not to use your photo but then i figured that would just give her a point for my comment.

    dont worry girl, we all know how hard you really work for these posts, shes done this to several bloggers and LUUUXers.

  2. OhMyJemimah--Sadly some people just have no sympathy and care for others as long as they get what they want. Luuux should really ban from their site repeat offenders like her. They are not contributing anything good to the community but copy and pasting other people's work and slowing down the network with all their junk.

  3. i reported the post for you. i hope it gets taken down soon =(

  4. I'm really sorry! I really hope it gets taken down. Stupid people >:(

  5. I'm so sorry to hear that she told your work. At least she should ask you permission before doing this. The audacity of her doing this is outrageously rude.

  6. I'd be as mad as you if that happened to me >:O It's pretty much stealing and plagiarism any way you look at it. I have no respect for these people and it's really pathetic what they do to earn some points or whatever you get from luuux. Hope her site gets blocked and you don't have your content stolen again!

  7. My thought on it is that it is frustrating when someone uses your photo..plain and did the work, took the photo, edited, watermarked, etc... But if nothing else, atleast she did site it wasn't her work.. now, saying that... the moment the original owner sees it and tells the person they don't want their work posted elsewhere, the person NEEDS to take it down. Point blank. If she is unwilling to do that then yes, she is completely in the wrong.

  8. Thanks for reporting the post Sugarbumpkin. The moderator said the report button doesn't really work that well. So I guess it's kinda useless at this point. It was just more effective to just contact him directly.

    AngelicBetrayal--yeah, they do earn points from using other people's pix and stuff and they can redeem them for nice things if they accumulate enough points. I think the site only deletes their posts if the original creator complains or people report them.

    Pixie Polish, I still think you should always ask permission "before" using someone's work if you know where it originated from. In this case, she knew. This is the whole purpose of why my pictures are watermarked. If I didn't care who uses them, I wouldn't have taken that step. I'm pretty sure those who watermark their pictures do so for the same reason.

  9. She's used my photos before. I messaged her, and she replaced it =/ but this was months ago.


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