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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Accessorize! That's how I like it

Some of my favorite things to shop for, aside from beauty products, are accessories. I have to admit, I haven't been buying much clothes at all lately but I always have an obsession for "shoes" and "jewelries" in particular. So here are some of the new stuff I got recently...

Here are a few rings and earrings I picked up from Charlotte Russe. They were 3 for $10.00. If you didn't know it already, I am addicted to bow jewelries. I think they are just super cute. Aside from bows, I tend to reach for flowery type of jewelries too.

My boy-friend bought me these ADORABLE Betsey Johnson earrings while we were shopping in Macy's. They are just gorgeous. This is the cutiest mouse earrings I've ever seen. Seriously, look at the detailing on these. The rhinestone on the blow, ears, and eyes are very sparkly in person and looks a lot more dazzling than pictured. I love Betsey Johnson's jewelry designs. They are different, fun, and sometimes unique. I got them for $35.00 but you may or may not find it in your local Macy's store. You can also buy it directly from Betsey Johnson's web store. Click HERE for a direct link to these earrings.

My birthday was last week. My boy-friend took me out to a nice fancy restaurant. That's pretty much it, lol...Other than that, here is the present he got me: another Coach purse. Had to ask my daughter to model for me so I can take a picture of my new purse.
It's not too big or small. Just the perfect size for me. It's a pretty simple, classic looking purse. It's made of leather but the color of it is quite interesting. It's like pewter with a gold shimmer to it. At first, I wasn't too crazy about it but the more I look at it the more I like it. If you didn't know it, I have a thing for gold shimmers, lol.
The interior of the purse is lined with a beautiful emerald satin fabric for a luxurious/fancy look.

This necklace was paid by the boy-friend also. I picked it up at Macy's and it was on sale for dirt cheap. Around $8.00. I just think the horse shoe pendant is very cute.

Another great purchase from DSW store. I love going through their clearance rack. I often find something nice on clearance. I got these Jessica Simpson flats for about $30.00. They are patent nude with pink undertone. They are very comfortable and go with just about any outfit. They are currently on sale on DSW site but not as cheap as what I paid for at the store. Here is a link if you are interested...

I bought this Juicy Couture necklace at Macy's. It was on clearance for $30.00. The original price is $58.00. I gave it as a birthday gift to my daughter, whose birthday was the day before mine. I thought it made the perfect gift since the pendant is the shape of a present bow. So cute! She loved it. According to the box it came with, it's limited edition so, not sure if you'll be able to find it.

Hope I didn't bore you with my accessory haul :)


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