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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Coastal Scents Creative Me #1 Palette

The Creative Me #1 is also a palette I bought during the Black Friday sale. This palette contains bright and colorful eyeshadows. It sales for $21.95 at I wanted to get this palette to create more dramatics looks and I like the fact that they are all matte, which is not something you commonly see in a palette. Matte eyeshadows can often take a little more effort to work with due to its consistency.
I find these Coastal Scents eyeshadows more on the creamier, softer side. They are very pigmented, finely milled, and not chalky at all. You will definitely need a primer or colored base to bring out the vibrancy of these colors. I would highly recommend this palette if you are looking for quality matte eyeshadows. These really do deliver in quality and you will have some peace of mind that you didn't pay high-end prices.
Unlike the Winterberry palette, the Creative Me #1 comes with the eyeshadow pots already inserted. The palette case contains a large mirror inside and the pots can be easily removed or replaced. The magnet also keeps them in place. If you only like a couple colors from this palette, you can purchase them individually for $4.49 each. FYI, the watches below were done over a clear eyeshadow primer.

CM01 is a bright sunny yellow color
CM02 reminds me of lemon skin
CM03 is a warm orange
CM04 looks like a cooler and darker orange

CM05 is an orange red color
CM06 is a bright fuschia color
CM07 is a dark bluish purple. I hear people say that it is a dupe for the notorious Make Up Forever's #92 but since I don't own it I can't really compare the two of them. According the the pictures I've seen, #92 appears more purple, whereas CM07 appears more blue.
CM08 is a darker fuschia with a bluer undertone.

CM09 is a royal blue
CM10 is a neutral blue
CM11 is a teal green
CM12 is a bright green with yellow undertone

I know these colors may be too bright for the average person and I wouldn't personally wear them during the day. However, if paired with a more toned down color, and using a light hand, I think I can create a wearable look with these. I like to keep these bright colors in my makeup stash for those makeup looks that call for bold colors. 
I think there are a lot of misconceptions and taboos about makeup being superficial and what not...but for those who don't get it, makeup isn't just an accessory or part of a grooming routine. Makeup is also an art medium. Playing with makeup is all about having fun and being creative.

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