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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wet N Wild Limited Edition ColorIcon Palette - Snow Sprite

I wonder how many of you have been looking for these Wet N Wild limited edition palettes but I have been searching for them for the past few weeks with little luck. I am not sure when they were released but my guess would be the past couple months. They were very hard to find. There is 4 of them and I was only able to get my hands on Snow Sprite. Unlike the other ColorIcon palette, this one doesn't include any matte eyeshadows but came with a bonus a small silver eyeliner.

Wet N Wild has been really stepping up their game and if you haven't been in the loop. Their new eyeshadows are actually pretty amazing with a very attractive price. These palette retails for $4.99 but if you get them while they are on sale, you can get them for even cheaper.

The upper left is a frosty silvery color with a hint of green. The upper right is a metallic light silver.
The middle left is a bright frosty green. The middle right is a metallic silver with a bluer undertone.
The bottom left is a shimmery dark forest green. The bottom right is a black based eyeshadow with fine blue shimmers. These eyeshadows are pretty pigmented. I swatched them without a base or primer. The two left ones with the frosty finish aren't as pigmented as the other colors but they still show up pretty well.

The silver eyeliner looks pretty and pigmented when swatched on my hand but because it isn't creamy, it was very difficult to apply on the eyes without tugging. The pigmentation decreased by 90% when I tried to apply this on my eyelids. I would not recommend this to be used on the eyes. Heck, I'm not even sure what I'm going to do with this eyeliner. It's pretty useless at this point.

Overall, this palette is nice to have if you can find it. The pigmentation is pretty good and the colors are nice. My favorite one is the dark green.

So I found another Snow Sprite palette in another Walgreens store. I didn't need it but I went ahead and bought it anyways. I'm debating whether I should do a giveaway or makeup swap. What would you suggest?

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  1. U should use the eyeliner as an art pencil to draw cute designs on the temples.


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