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Monday, December 13, 2010

Coastal Scents Winterberry Eyeshadow Palette

So a few weeks ago during black friday Coastal Scents had a 33% off sale and of course, I had to get my hands on certain things I've been lusting for a while. The Winterberry is a new palette from Coastal Scents. You can also purchase the eyeshadow pot individually if you wish for $4.49 each. It is just cheaper to get the set. However, if you only like a couple shades from the palette then you are better off getting just the ones that you want. You can purchase this palette for $21.95 at I highly recommend you give these Coastal Scents eyeshadows a try because they are so smooth, pigmented, blendable, and affordable. They contain mineral oil, which makes them feel silky soft. They are a much better value compared to MAC and I assure you they do not lack in quality either. I swatched them using Urban Decay Primer Potion; however, they are pretty pigmented on their own. The eyeshadows from this palette are mostly shimmery, some of them comes with a satin finish and while others have a frostier finish. This palette contains cool toned shades, thus why it is named Winterberry.

On the left Winterberry and on the right Fall festival, which I will review on a separate post. They come packaged in these cute see-through fabric bags

The eyeshadow pots are still individually packaged when I received them. I had to remove them from the packaging and insert them into the palette. The palette is magnetized and once there they do not budge until you take them out. Each eyeshadow pan is labeled with the color name underneath. The palette also comes with a large mirror.

ME07 is a frosty pearly white shimmer
ME20 is a frosty light pink champagne
S08 is a light satin lavender
ME15 is satin burgundy

ME04 is a frosty light taupe
S06 is a shimmery bright pink
S16 is a shimmery magenta
ME18 is a metallic grey silver

ME14 is a frosty light pink that appears almost white
ME05 is another magenta shade that looks similar to S16, however it is frostier and not as blue toned.
S13 is a frosty purplish red with some grey undertone.
S14 is a satin blue with a hint of purple.

If you love cool toned eyeshadows or are a fan of purples, I'd recommend you check this palette out. It's reasonably priced and you get quality at an affordable price. Honeslty, I would rather buy these than MAC. The only time I purchase MAC eyeshadows is if I find the shade unique enough to do so. Otherwise, these Coastal Scents hot pots are a wonderful substitute.

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