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Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Gift of Beauty - Thank You Marissa Nicole

I have been receiving little packages from my Luuux friends and I feel so honored to have met such beautiful and wonderful gals there. I think one of the best thing a beauty junkie can do for another (aside from sharing the same interest and showing moral support) is giving the gift of beauty.
Marissa Nicole has got to be one of the sweetest person I've met on Luuux and I'm sure a lot other gurls can agree with that. She is beautiful inside and out.
I received this package from her yesterday. Oh how excited I was! When I unwrapped the paper covering the box and saw Hello Kitty I smiled and thought "awe that's too cute!" And then I felt even more mushy when I saw how nicely she wrapped everything with pink bubble wrap and tissue paper. She also included a little note with everything as well as a cute little card. She has such a neat handwriting too! You can tell she put thoughtfulness and care when she wrapped everything and that just makes my heart go...awe so sweet of her! Marissa, thank you so much for doing this for me. You really didn't need to but I appreciate a ton.

So here are my goodies: MAC MSF in Perfect Topping, MAC Greasepaint Stick in Slick Black, and Rosebud Strawberry Lipbalm. She's was so funny and cute at the same time because she was afraid of getting me something I may already have so she messaged me asking me which MAC MSF I already own. I told her I only have Stereorose and the rest are just blushes.

Perfect Topping has this marbleized mix of colors (pink, lilac, bronze, peach) that makes it look very pretty in the packaging. It's quite shimmery but the shimmers are very finely milled. This is very pigmented and feels very soft. The color is a light shimmery pink and works best as a highlighter. It wouldn't give out enough color to show up as a blush. It gives a youthful, dewy finish, which I really love.

Slick Black is a cream eyeshadow in a retractable pencil. This would work great as a base for smokey eye looks. The formula dries fairly quick once applied it stays put. I feel that this probably will work better and won't crease like my NYX Jumbo eyeshadow pencil. As you can see from the swatch, it's quite pigmented.

The last item I got is this Strawberry lipbalm. It's a pretty big pan and I will get a lot of uses out of it. It also smells delicious, just like strawberry candy. I tried it today and I really like how it feels...light, moisturizing, and non-waxy.

Thanks for reading and thank you Marissa for your genuine kindness. I absolutely love everything you sent me. Most importantly, I really value your friendship.

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