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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

NOTW - China Glaze White Cap With Sinful Colors Easy Going

This is what's been on my nails this week. I think I painted them last weekend and it has already started chipping.
I used Easy Going by Sinful colors, which you can find in Walgreens for relatively cheap...I think less than $2.00. It's a very light creamy pink, almost white. I used China Glaze White Cap on top of it and it looks amazing together! It's such a pretty shimmer! You have to see it in person to know what I mean. I took several pictures trying to capture the shimmers for you and the best I could are the pictures below. The shimmers look a bit more gold in person. I've already got a few compliments on this NOTW.

Hope you enjoyed this NOTW.


  1. yeah, it does look beautiful! In a job interview I saw a lady whit something similar but the base color was cream almost white with the same sparkle as white cap on top; but I was too shy to ask her, so now I now how to dupe it :D

  2. Roxanne - That's nice! I'm glad this post was helpful :)

  3. Nice polish.


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