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Monday, March 7, 2011

Wet N Wild Spoiled Brat Makeup Look

I actually did this makeup look like few days ago but busy me, didn't even get a chance to post this up.
I know I haven't done a complete review on this palette but what the heck, I'll do a mini review along with this look.

I didn't apply the colors according to how it was labeled because when I tried, I ended up looking like a clown, lol. However, I tried my best to come up with a fun look with all the colors from the palette. I don't know if that's a hit or miss but you be the judge of it.

  • I primed my lids with Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • I first applied the crease color on my crease, which is the sparkly black shadow, and blend it upward.
  • I then used the silver browbone shimmer and pack it all over my lids.
  • I also used a sheer white eyeshadow on my browbone.
  • Notice how I shape the black eyeshadow around my crease and blend it out to create a more dramatic look.
  • I lined my eyes with Wet N Wild Mega Liner in black
  • I applied NYX Strawberry Milk on my lower lash line and with a flat eyeliner blush, I packed on the pink eyeshadow from Spoiled Brat palette on top of Strawberry Milk.
  • I filled my brows with ELF eyebrow kit and applied false eyelashes.
  • I contoured my face using NYX Taupe blush
  • On my cheeks, I applied MAC Amazon Princess blush from the Wonder Woman collection, which is a gift from Ashley DP.
  • NYX Dolly Pink lipgloss, another gift from Ashley DP. I think the blush, lips, and eyeshadow combo go so nice together.  

This is one of the new eyeshadow trios that Wet N Wild has released this year.
The silver shadow would be the most pigmented out of the three. It looks very metallic and shimmery.
The matte black with silver shimmers was a bit hard to work with and blend but doable if you have the right tools.
The pink eyeshadow was a bit disappointing. I was hoping that it would show up more. I think you would need a colored base in order for this pink to pop.
Overall, I'm not too impressed with this palette and I think the color combination can be difficult to pull off if applied according to the label, which is why I decided to stray from it and do it "my way" lol.

What do you think of this look or palette? Did I manage to make it


  1. Nice job, but I feel like the pink under the eyes makes your eyes look irritated. Oh well. I wouldn't know how to pull off this palette.

    Really love that lip color!!

  2. Gorgeous I love the pink under the eyes! Pink and silver is one of my favourite colour combo. The lips are lovely too, I have that gloss but haven't worn it yet.

  3. Thanks Lillian. I have certain things that I havent even tried yet...*sigh* I suppose it's a sign, lol, ahem ahem.


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