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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend Haul - CCO, Bare Escentuals, Ulta, and ELF

I spent most of the day today fixing my computers, which was really no fun since I ran into a few technical difficulties. I installed my new anti-virus and was able to get rid of some viruses. I haven't eaten all day and I'm starving. I just popped some sausages in the oven and now waiting for them to cook.

Anyhoo, let's get on with what I got this weekend. Most of products, if not all, were totally unecessary but I just had a strong urge to buy, lol.

 After seeing that my sister was able to get a set from the MAC Holiday collection at the CCO, I just needed to go check out what they had because there was a set that I didn't get hoping it will end up at the CCO. Lucky for me, that's exactly what I found.
The set I bought is called "Dazzle the Lads" and cost $25.25.
The set includes:
  • A bag
  • Lipstick - Baron's Rose
  • Lip pencil - Draw me close
  • Dazzleglass - Moth to Flame

After Marissa Nicole had sent me a MAC Greasepaint stick, I was curious to try more. I wanted to try some paint pots but they didn't have any. I figured this should work just as good. I'm actually really liking that it's in a pen form and that it is also retractable.

I picked up:
  • Greasepaint Stick - Dirty. $12.25
  • Greasepaint Stick - Below Ground. $12.25
  • Shadestick - Penny. $11.75

I stopped by the Bare Escentual outlets and got this lipgloss set. They have a lot of nice lipglosses that I liked but I chose this one cause it's got very pretty colors. $19.50.

On my way back home from the Outlets, I stopped by Ulta to redeem my rewards gift and also check out if there is anything I like.
I ended up getting:
  • Zoya - Jules from their spring collection. It's a gorgeous taupe color with sparkling gold shimmers. I have nothing like it and felt I needed to have it. $7.00
  • Essence Fairytale - Fairy Berry nail polish. This is a limited edition color from Essence. $1.99
  • NYX eyebrow shaper to keep my brow in place. $8.79
  • NYX megashine lipgloss Cosmo. $2.74 (half off)
  • It's a 10 Miracle Leave-in Product. Free gift, retails for $18.00.

 As if I haven't hauled enough already, lol...I got more stuff from ELF at a Target that was next to Ulta.
  • Studio Eyeshadow C brush
  • Studio Contour brush
  • Everyday Brights, 32 eyeshadows
  • Rustic Brown Eyes set, mineral eyeshadows
  • Green Fields Eyes set, minera eyeshadows
  • Natural Lash Kit
  • Brush shampoo
That's it for this weekend haul. I plan on giving away some items from my haul. Stay tuned and once I have it sorted out, I will post the giveaway info.
I hope everyone had a fun and safe weekend.

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