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Monday, March 21, 2011

Swatches of My Latest MAC lipsticks

Once again, I just can't keep up with the makeup posts. I have so many things I need to post and review and a lot of pix I have previously taken a little while back are still not posted.
So these are the latest MAC lipstick purchases that I made. Let's start with the oldest.

About a month ago, I purchased Night Violet, which is a Mattene lipstick. I believe this lipstick is discontinued but I was able to get it from the CCO and perhaps you can too. For a while, I have been on the search for a deep violet burgundy lipstick and I believe my search is over. This color looks a lil vampy but not too bad. It's dark but not too dark and I absolutely love the color. The finish is matte but I love how smoothly the formula applies and it's very pigmented. This color also makes my teeth appear whiter.

Next, I purchased Heroine from the Wonder Woman collection. I believe the collection came out about a month ago. FYI, this color is still available! I guess a lot of people must not like it but it was actually my first choice from the get go. I liked this color because it looked different and unique. It's a bronze color with a frost finish. I see pink and gold shimmers. It looks pretty dark but I still like it. I think this shade is more suitable for warm and dark skintone and for those who are a little more daring and confident with colors. It looks a lot bolder than pictured.

Finally, I just purchased Baron's Rose last weekend. It was part of the MAC holiday lip set, which also included a lip pencil and Dazzleglass. I was most interested in this color and when I put it on, it was love at first application! lol. Don't judge a lipstick by its color. You never know until you put it on. In the tube the color looks somewhat similar to that of Heroine. But, on my lips it looks like a muted rose with brown undertone and a pretty gold sheen. Woaw! This color is freaken gorgeous! I would highly recommend it. I think it's suitable for both cool and warm skintone.

Which of these lipstick you prefer?


  1. I swear you can rock any shade! Every color looks so beautiful on you. It probably helps that you're stunning haha


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