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Sunday, March 6, 2011

This Weekend's Beauty Haul (MAC, Sephora, ELF)

I think recently, I've been pretty good when it comes to makeup hauling. That's in part due to my already large collection which leads me to be more picky about what I buy. I always try to focus on things that are different from what I already have. Things that will be useful and that I know I will enjoy. I had a long week and worked my ass off so I felt like I needed to reward mysef.

First off, I decided to go to Target Friday night after work. I've been seeing some people hauling clearance beauty items from there and I was curious to see what my local Target had to offer. Unfortunately, I didn't find anything interesting that was marked down; however, I stumbled upon some ELF products. This particular palette caught my attention and I decided to just get it.

This Little Black Beautybook Warm Collection features 28 eyeshadows and 20 lipglosses. The pans are quite small but that's fine by me because I can't see myself using up this entire palette anytime soon. This retails for $4.99, which is pretty awesome. I tried some of the eyeshadows and lipgloss today and I was pretty pleased with the results. As far as quality goes, the pigmentation and formula is good and I would compare them to Coastal Scents eyeshadow palettes.

Made a stop by Sephora and to my surpise the Josie Maran Beauty in a Box set was back on the shelves. I have been wanting this set for the past couple weeks but it was sold out and it's still showing that it's not in stock on Sephora's website. Fortunately, I was able to find it in store so I was very happy. This set cost $52 but I think you definitely get your money's worth because it comes with 7 products, half of them appear to be full sizes. I will do a quick review on this set in the next few days after I get a chance to use them. This is limited edition and is selling out fast so if you think this set is of interest, definitely hit up your local Sephora to try the testers and see if it is in stock. To find out more about this set here is a direct link to Sephora's website:

I was checking out the new MAC Jeanius Collection and didn't find anything that sparks my interest but I managed to picked up a few items anyways. I got the mineralize blush in Gentle, which is a very pretty mauvy rose with gold shimmers. Price $22.
Second item is the Heroine lipstick from Wonder Woman collection. I finally caved in and bought it. Lucky for me they still had it in stock. This was initially the lipstick I had been considering. Price 15.50.

So that's it for my little weekend haul. I didn't do too bad, lol.

Any questions or comments, feel free to ask :)


  1. Nice haul :) It doesn't look like you spent too much ^^ The mineralized blush looks super pretty! I think I might want to get the one in Dainty.... but that's not happening anytime soon for me haha. I'm looking forward to the Josie Maran reviews since I haven't come across a really indepth review on their products!

  2. Great Haul. I really think ELF improved on their formula or something because their pigmentation is pretty good now! That's how I feel now too. Like my collection is kind of complete and now, I don't want to buy as much or things that are close to what I currently have.

  3. Xongie--yea I think they improved the formula because I didn't expect the eyeshadows to be this good, :D


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