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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Missha Dong Baek Gold Rinse Review

I purchased the Missha Dong Baek Gold Rinse from Missha during their semi-annual sale. Basically, this is a hair conditioner. I've used it several times since I got it and I think I'm ready to tell you what I think of it.

What Missha says about this product

  • Contains Argan oil to protect and prevent hair damage
  • Contains pure nature Camellia oil and Jojoba oil to provide glossy shine
  • Provide moisture and protection for damaged hair


  • It comes in a plastic box, which is nice but probably not necessary and not environmental friendly. 
  • Quite happy with the packaging. It's not super fancy but looks nice and includes a pump. That's always a plus for me. 
  • 500 ml, approximately 16.9 oz


  • First, the scent. This conditioner has a lovely soft and floral fragrance that I enjoy. It's not too strong so it doesn't really linger too long on your hair. I would prefer a scent that lingers.
  • Due to the fact that we don't all have the same type of hair, results and opinions may vary between individuals. I have thin/medium hair. Lots of split ends and the tip of my hairs are always dry. In additional to that, I have a mild case of frizzy hair, which causes me to reach for the straightener every day and I know it's bad for my hair but I can't help myself. I blow dry my hair occasionally but using a low heat setting. Other than the regular use of heat, I haven't colored my hair in years. 
  • The texture is creamy, not too thick or thin. 
  • For me, I felt like this conditioner wasn't moisturizing enough. I didn't notice any significant change or improvement. I use it every other day because I wash my hair every other day. My hair looks the same and has not improved since I've used it.
  • After shampooing, I apply the conditioner, leave it on my hair for about 5 minutes, wash my body, and then rinse everything out. I don't get much of that slippery feeling that usually prefer in my hair conditioner. I do notice that it smooth my hair a bit but not enough. 

Final Thought

This will not provide intense moisture or improve the condition of your hair. It will help making your hair feeling soft and manageable but that's about it. If you have dry or damaged hair, you won't feel like this conditioner does enough. I liked it but don't love it. My hair needs something more smoothing and conditioning. If you have normal hair or healthy hair, you might enjoy this conditioner more.

Rating: 8/10

Price: $16.99
Availability: Missha

What's your favorite hair conditioner?


  1. I'm SO glad you reviewed this! I was really wondering about it. I find that many Asian shampoos don't have enough hydration for my crazy dry hair. The packaging is gorgeous though :p

    1. This is actually the first Asian haircare product I tried. Glad the review helped.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. It is lovely - and I love floral smelling things, but I need MAJOR conditioner so I would probably not love it either. Thanks for the review!

    1. Me too I need something very hydrating for my hair cause it takes a lot of beat ups from the straightener.

  3. The packaging is very nice and I love good smelling shampoos & conditioners but they have to perform well too. That said, I have no idea what my sister uses on my hair (she's a hairstylist), but she knows that my hair and scalp stay extremely dry so I trust whatever she's using. LOL

    1. Aww that's nice that you have a sister that knows hair. One of my sister is a good cook and she's been baking a lot lately so I get to eat the yummy stuff she's been making hehehe.


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