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Friday, August 23, 2013

L'Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder (Creamy Natural) - Swatch and Review

Hi everyone,

It is said on the blogosphere that this new L'Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder is the drugstore dupe of Giorgio Armani Maestro foundation and so when I heard that I was like ahh I need to try it then! Though the two are different brands, they are both made by the same company. I've not tried the GA Maestro so I can't really compare the two.


  • This bottle is made of glass, therefore be cautious not to drop it on a  hard surface. Otherwise, I like the rectangular shape of it. 
  • There's no pump or dropper, which is a bummer. I would have liked a dropper just like the Giorgio Armani Maestro foundation. You will also need to be cautious when dispensing the product for use.
  • .91 oz or 27 ml


  • The foundation is very thin and liquidy, which is why I mentioned that it would have been nice if the packaging came with a dropper. Because of that, I think you should shake the bottle before use. I put my finger and close the opening with it, tilt the bottle until I get some product on my finger and then I dab it on different areas of my face. The direction recommends not to use a sponge or brush but I still went with a brush and it works just fine for me. 
  • I picked the shade creamy natural, the 3rd lightest shade of the line. It's just a bit darker and warmer than my natural skintone but I was able to make it work due to the thin consistency of the foundation. The classic ivory would've probably been a better match for me. I think the shades run darker than usual so keep that in mind when purchasing. 
  • The texture of this foundation was very silky. It glides on the skin like butter. It looks dewy upon application but dries down to a powdery satin finish. 
  • It has light coverage but can be build up to a medium coverage. It should be good for those who don't need or want a lot of coverage but just a bit of color to even out skin tone and blur pores. I'd recommend pairing a concealer with this foundation, especially if you have some trouble areas that need more coverage.
  • The foundation holds well for 5-6 hours before I notice a bit of fading and a little shine peaking through my forehead. After 8 hours, though it didn't look as fresh as it did in the morning, I was quite happy that it didn't completely melt off my face. When paired with a good primer, it can last a few hours more. 

Final Thought

Skip this foundation if you need full coverage. It might not work if you are very oily. But for dry to combination skins who are content with light to medium coverage, you may want to check this foundation out. It feels very silky and light on the skin and will hold through most of the day.


Price: $12.99
Availability: Ulta, Walgreens


  1. I really want to try this! It sucks that it doesn't come with a pump though considering it's runny :(

    1. yeah it's ok though. You just get used to it after a while.

  2. In a way a feel lucky they don't make this light enough for me, I need another foundation like a hole in the head. Maybe I should just get a sample of the Armani and call it a day!

    1. well if you do get a sample of GA Maestro foundation, do share what you think of it.


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