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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Small Drugstore Haul

What the heck is up with the weather lately? We've been hit by a heat wave and I've been sweating my butt off getting ready and going in and out of the car. I'm a person who sweat very easily and profusely when it's hot. I'm so annoyed. It's messing with my hair, makeup, and I don't like the smell of sweat. It makes me very self-conscious.

I've been on the hunt for the new Milani Coming Up Roses blushes but I had no luck so far. So while I was stalking the stores for it, I managed to pick up a few items.

I haven't used my OLAY facial brush in a while and wanted to go back to using it since my skin has been acting up lately. I needed a new replacement brush head so I went ahead and got a box. I didn't realize the box contains two ($10.49 at CVS), which is cool.

The first three, I purchased from CVS and the last one at Walgreens.

I saw a new display of Maybelline Limited Edition products for Fall 2013 but the only thing that stood out for me was this crazy purple gloss in the shade Purple Royale ($7.29). I did a quick swatch for you so you get an idea of the color and pigmentation. Wow I am totally digging it! It's semi-sheer, definitely more wearable than you'd think.

Next, I went back to scoop Nicole by OPI Gumdrops My Cherry Amour ($7.99). I knew I should have gotten it with the others and I cannot ignore any longer that I need it.

While I was at Walgreens, I saw a new display of Wet n Wild Tough Girl nail polishes. They are textured nail polishes by the way. After glancing at the collection, I only grabbed Atten Hut! ($3.99) which is a murky army green with gold shimmers.

So that's it for my little haul. Have you spotted any new collections?


  1. I want that WNW polish! I need to go stalk the drugstore this Sunday!

    1. Seems like all the Walgreens in my area has it so you may be able to find it too, hopefully.

  2. I almost bought My Cherry Amour when I got Cinna-Man of my dreams...I should've gotten it. It looks so pretty.


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