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Saturday, August 3, 2013

First Yves Rocher Haul

Well, truthfully this is not the first time that I've purchased or used Yves Rocher products. A long time ago, I did try a few. When I said a long time ago, I meant like 15 years ago. This company has been around way before I was even born so yes I've heard of it as I grew up. Some of you may already heard of them or even purchased from them. Since it's been so long, I've decided to check out their site, which eventually led to this haul. First off, if you have some sort of interest in the products or brand, and think you'll might make a purchase soon, I would recommend you register your email on their site. When I did that I instantly received a $5.00 coupon for being a new customer. Thereafter, they will send you promos of sales and new products.

When I first received my package, I instantly knew something felt awkward. The box was fairly large and I could feel the products moving around. Above is a picture of how the product arrived to me. Fortunately everything arrived in good condition, no spills or anything broken; however, I felt like there was really no care or thought put into how things are sent and presented to the customer. It's a pet peeve for me to receive purchases that come like bubble wraps, Styrofoam peanuts, paper wrap...nothing to give that extra cushion or protection. Let's face it, we've all had at some point received a broken item because it wasn't boxed or wrapped properly. Imagine if one of those shower gel have gotten loose and spilled all over the rest of my products.  I would be pretty pissed. By the way, it happened to me once before. It's a good thing I didn't order any eyeshadows. Had they just tossed them in the box with the rest of the stuff, they would have been shattered into pieces. It would be a hassle and inconvenience for me to clean it up, report it, get a refund or another product sent to me. The seller may not mind that but for the customer, it's a pain in the butt and let down having to deal with that sort of thing.

Anyhoo...Enough about the poor packaging and let's move on to the good stuff.

I'm definitely restocking on shower gel, lol. At this rate, I think I am good for a long while. Wanna know something funny...Ok maybe it's not that funny but the first thing I do when I receive my stuff is smelling them, LOL. I can almost understand why dogs get excited and sniff their owners when they see them. I know it's probably totally unrelated but the thought and anticipation of receiving something new makes you want to pet it, touch it, feel it, smell it, maybe even taste it.

Olive Oil Shower Gel, $8.00.  Yep, you bet I smelled this one. Isn't that kinda cool that the bottle and color also looks like a bottle of Olive Oil? If I put there on the kitchen counter, people would totally think it's for cooking. It smells nothing like olive oil though, which is a good thing IMO. It has a very fresh citrucy, herbal, and spicy scent. Great for a morning shower as I find the scent awakening.
Jardin Du Monde Lavender Shower Gel, $4.00 Free. This was a complimentary bonus gift. It's very common of Yves Rocher to include freebies and gifts with your orders. Makes the customer happy, also allows them to try something new, and encourages them to return for more. This one smells like a field of lavender.

I wasn't too interested with the skincare products. At least not at the moment since I have plentiful of skincare to use for a little while so I was targeting the makeup. There isn't a lot of reviews out there so I was basically just taking my chances. I decided to settle with two lippies.

Couleur Nature Long Wear Lipstick Pistil Orange, $16.00 on sale for $4.50.

Grand Rouse Lipstick Rose Hale (Golden Pink), $16.00 on sale for $8.00. The name of the shade on the lipstick is actually named differently on the website. The tube has a nicer weight and quality feel to it as compared to the long-wear lipstick.

Another freebie I got is this set of Waterproof Eyeliners and a small makeup bag. I can't remember how much I had to spend to get it. Either $15.00 or $20.00. They come in 7 different shades for $12.00 each but currently on sale for $6.00. I received the shades Vert (Green) and Turquoise.

I wasn't interested in the powder eyeshadows since they look pretty basic. I was however intrigued by the cream eyeshadows and picked two to try. Both colors look really beautiful in the tube. My worst fear is the creasing.

Metal Glow Cream Eyeshadow Bronze, $17.00 on sale for $4.50.
Pastel Cream Eyeshadow Vert Bocage, $17.00 on sale for $4.50.

And lastly, free samples. Yves Rocher always include complimentary samples with every order.

Yves Rocher offers free shipping if your total is $40.00 or more but mine was less than $30.00. Luckily, the $5.00 coupon covered for the shipping.

As always, I need a few days to test these products before I can put together an appropriate review for you. if you have any questions or comment, please feel free to comment below :)

Ever bought or heard of Yves Rocher? Do the products appeal to you?

If you want to know more about the company, you can read about it HERE. They have plenty of info about how they started, what's in their products, and how they produce them.


  1. I have heard of Yves Rocher, but I don't think I've ever tried anything. I can't believe that they packed it like that! I will have to check it out, it looks like you got some good deals :)

    1. They usually have good sales so their price are pretty competitive with the rest of the market.

  2. Great haul! I wish they packaged it better, but I love me some Yves Rocher, and you've totally reminded me that I haven't shopped their site in forever!

    1. I know huh. I wished their makeup line was a little more extensive.

  3. I've never tried Yves Rocher, in fact, I don't I'd even heard about them until this post. Looks like a nice haul...crappy packaging though. Can't wait to see your reviews on the lipsticks and the cream eyeshadow.

    1. Yeah, I was really shocked and not too happy when I opened my package. I would've expected better packaging from them. Yves Rocher is more widely known in France. I don't recall ever receiving them this way in the past but that was long ago so I'm not even sure.

  4. I hate the way they ship the products too... I've placed over 5 orders and they always send the products in a huge cardboard box without any paper or whatever to fill the gaps... (and I'm from Europe)
    I love their shower gels, especially the one that smells like coffee, that's my all time favorite!

    1. Ok so it's not just me...well that sucks that they do that. Coffee shower gel? Ooo That is quite interesting.

  5. I am starting to use the line as well...I started with the no-rinse, or optional rinse, specific cleanser...and now I've added the zero default cream...Love the cleanser, I hope the cream is equally good....
    Yves rocher coupon code

    1. I haven't started on the skincare but I know eventually I'm going to end up trying some when I run out of my current skincare products. Glad to hear your experience with them has been good too.


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