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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Latest TJ Haul

Is it Friday yet? I can't wait for the long week-end and school starts next week for the kids.

I stopped by TJ Maxx the other day. I needed to return something and along the way, I also took the opportunity to look around for stuff.

A couple weeks ago, I had received a deluxe sample of Yellow Diamond and loved it so I think it was fate that I stumbled upon it again. This huge 3 oz eau de toilette bottle is more than a handful and looks bright and cheerful on my so-called vanity. I got it for $59.99, intact and still wrapped in manufacturing packaging. It usually retails for $89.00.

It has a sparkling fresh scent. It smells flowery, citrusy, and lightly woodsy. I can't figure for the life of me why they don't have an eau de parfum version of it. My only complaint is that the scent fades after a couple hours so I would need to keep a back up spray in my purse for touch up. That might be a good thing for people who don't want a strong scent but I want an all day affair when it comes to fragrance and makeup. I was just at The Burlington Coat Factory yesterday and also spotted another one of these Yellow Diamond. So with that said, if Yellow Diamond sounds like something you might like, you may be able to find good deal on it at the stores I mentioned.

Right Amount of Evil and Spazmatic

Nail polish, nail polish, and more nail polish...Yeah I know. I buy nail polish like I buy water. TJ sells a duo like these for $6.99. So I'm going to shamelessly admit that I tampered with the nail polishes. I'm bad but I didn't like the pair it originally came with so I switched one nail polish for another. I don't think they really care anyways. Half of their makeup is pretty much destroyed or gone bad, no one is buying, yet it is still sitting on the shelf for sale.

And lastly, I grabbed a pair of nude flats with gold studs. Super duper cute! They fit nicely but my stupid ankles are still swelling so the straps feel a little tight around the ankles. Well I couldn't pass this up for $19.99.


  1. What a score! I went to TJ's yesterday and left empty handed because they had nothing good! Those shoes are uber cute!

    1. Yeah sometimes I have no luck and sometimes I see so many things I want.

  2. Nice haul. I have Spazmatic and wouldn't mind owning Right Amount of Evil (it looks Halloweeny). As long as a perfume isn't particularly woodsy or overly floral, chances are I'd probably like it. I'd probably like Versace Yellow Diamond. Really cute flats.


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