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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Milani Neon Fresh Teal Swatches

Is it Friday yet? Sorry for the late post. I left work late, stopped by my sister's house for some comfort food and cake and just got home not long ago. Felt like crap and tired as hell so I put on a sheet mask from Missha. Ahhh it was relaxing. It gave me a little boost of energy and makes my skin feel so good. I needed that.

Fresh Teal is one of those polishes that I tell myself, I cannot believe I haven't swatched yet. Actually, I'll take that back. At the rate I'm hauling polishes, I can see why I haven't got to this one yet.
It's labeled as a neon but I wouldn't call this a neon color. It's a lovely teal cream that applies beautifully. The formula wasn't too thick or thin and looks perfect in two coats. The dry time is also fairly good.

All you teal lovers must pick this up if you haven't already. Such a nice and affordable polish with an excellent formula.


  1. That is the definition of "teal" and looks great!

    1. It's a very nice teal with a cream finish. I loved it the moment I tried it.

  2. This is a pretty teal and nice to hear the formula is good on this. I don't have any Milani polishes, who carries them? What top coat do you use?

    1. You can find this at CVS, Walgreens, and Kmart. I did not use a top coat for the swatches here. I do mention it when use a top coat. I have a couple that I use Seche Vite, Out the Door, one from Sally Beauty I can't remember the name.


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