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Saturday, August 10, 2013

This or That (First Post) - Lipstick Finishes: Matte, Satin, Cream, Shimmer, Metallic, Frost, Stain, and Gloss

Hello Lovelies,

I will be starting a series of This or That, it will be tagged as so and this will be my first post. We all have a preference in how we apply makeup, how we choose our makeup, how we buy our makeup, this series is about the options we have, the options we choose, and why. I thought it would be fun to do and if you like the idea of this series, you are more than welcome to do your series of This or That as well.

Most of you who have a variety of lipsticks are aware that they all come in different finishes and you probably have a preference as to which one you find more suitable for you.

Some brands have their lipstick finishes categorized as well and I've also noticed that sometimes the finish labeled on the lipstick isn't always correct or in between. I'm going to briefly go over the more commonly lipstick finishes and give you my own definition of what they are.

Illamasqua lipstick - Fable
Matte - basically has no shimmers, shine, or glitters. Matte lipstick are generally pigmented, drier, and tend to have a longer staying power. Formulation can vary between brands. My favorites are the NYX matte lipsticks because they apply so smoothly and don't feel dry at all. 

MAC Lipstick - Peachstock
Satin - a satin finish is semi-matte and has just a wee bit of shine to it, no shimmers or glitters. They are generally pigmented, long-wearing, and easier to apply than matte lipsticks.

NARS lipstick - Niagara
Cream - has no shimmers or glitters but have a smoother and creamier formula than satin finishes. They generally have good pigmentation but can vary from semi-opaque to full coverage, apply smoother on the lips, and tend to be more hydrating. Please excuse the lack of quality in the photo above, it's old was taken with a different camera. 

NYX Black Label Lipstick - Pumpkin Pie

Shimmer - this is pretty self-explanatory, they contain shimmers. Depending on the brand and formula, some of these shimmers can vary in size and feel gritty on the lips. They range from sheer to opaque color payoff, though I find the majority of them to be in between. 

Milani Color Statement Lipstick - Bronze Beauty

Metallic - well they have shimmers and have a high shine to them, similar to the look of a metal. They generally have good color payoff and can be on a drier side. This finish has a tendency to highlight any dryness I might have. Prepping your lips prior to use is highly recommended.

Motives Rich Formula Lipstick - Peach Puff
Frost - Can also be mistaken for a metal finish since they are shimmery and have that high shine finish to them but the main difference that puts this one in its own category is that is has just as much shimmers (if not more) than color, meaning that they are generally less pigmented but shinier and give off a beam of shimmer wherever the light hits. Not a big fan of this type of finish. There are certain colors I don't mind but there are others I just can't pull off with this finish. 

Ulta Extreme Wear Lipstain -  Lucky in Love
Stain - another one that is pretty self-explanatory. Stains are generally lightweight, pigmented, long-wearing, and dry. Well their main purpose is to stain. There is several hybrids of stains out there but a stain in it's original form is liquidy, pigmented, offer medium to full coverage, and has little to no moisture. They can come in a marker type of packaging or a tube with an applicator. They may appear glossy when freshly applied but look matte as they dry. 

Maybelline Color Whisper - Mocha Muse

Gloss - gloss finishes are sheer to semi-opaque. They may contain shimmers but they have that transparent look to them that allows your natural skin color to show through. They have a tendency to slip and slide and usually wear off quicker. 

My favorite lipstick finishes are satin and cream because they have better color pay off and are generally comfortable to wear but because I'm a lipstick junkie, I love to have a good variety of finishes as well as color to fit my mood.

What is your favorite lipstick finish and why? Is there one that you always avoid? Is there a lipstick finish I forgot to mention? Let me know...


  1. First -great series idea! I too am a satin or cream gal. Although I do like a glossy gloss every now and then for a specific "look".

    1. I agree, I like to have different finishes for a certain look :)

  2. I'm more of a gloss or stain.. HATE lipsticks :/ But perhaps in the long away future I'll try again.

    1. aww well that is cool that they have all this variety to meet our needs. I am more of a lipstick gal.

  3. I prefer matte. For me it's the most long lasting. Some mattes are sooo drying though, especially MAC's Ruby Woo :(

    1. I do like matte too but I run into that dry issue a lot. Not too many mattes have a good formula.

  4. You know, it's funny--I used to love gloss and swore I was not a lipstick person. And then somewhere in the past couple of years, I became a hardcore lipstick gal! And I don't really use gloss all that much anymore!

    I like satin finishes the best--they stay put much better than creams and don't highlight dry lips as badly as mattes (and my lips are always horribly dry). I do keep a variety of finishes on hand for different looks but I really do not like frosts at all.

    1. I have a lot of glosses that are collecting dust. Like you said, it's nice to have a variety for different looks. Frosts are my least favorites but I do have a few that I think are not too bad.

  5. Awesome post girl! I never really pay attention to finishes - except for matte and frost, I hate those lol!

    1. I don't always either and sometimes you can't tell until you try it because some companies don't categorize them.

  6. Give me cream, shimmer or gloss. I like the matte look, but I would be so tempted to put a clear gloss over it (so defeating the purpose). LOL


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