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Monday, June 20, 2011

Estee Lauder Double Wear Eyeshadow Creme Review - Deep Orchid and Silver Leaf

Over a month ago, I purchased these two Estee Lauder cream shadows at my local CCO. I can't remember the exact price I paid but it was about $12.00 each, which is a lot cheaper than the retail price of $17.50.

  • Product is packed in a glass jar
  • Net weight of .17 oz or 5 g
  • Pretty decent amount of product

Deep Orchid is a shimmery reddish violet with grey undertone.

Silver Leaf is a medium shimmery taupe. It actually looks a little more grey than pictured.

  • Very creamy, blendable, and pigmented. The consistency reminded me of Benefit Creaseless Creamshadow
  • Long-wearing
  • Once it sets, it becomes smudge-proof and crease-proof. I've used it without primer and I did not have any problem, which is pretty awesome for a cream shadow
  • Can be applied with fingers or brush
I really love these two Estee Lauder cream eyeshadows. They worked very well on me even without a primer. I am moderately oily on my lids just in case you are wondering. The formula is something to rave about. For a cream eyeshadow, it performs extremely well. It doesn't take too long to set but at the same time allows you time to blend effortlessly. The pigmentation is also great and buildable. It can be applied sheer or more intense if you add another layer. I would definitely recommend if you don't mind the price. You are sure getting a superior quality with these that is worth the money, IMO.
My rating is 10/10.


  1. Deep Orchid looks really pretty! I LOVE cream shadows :) Great swatches, thanks for sharing.

  2. both colors look beautiful and are definitely colors I would wear! I don't have to much experience with cream eye shadows I'm stuck in a rut lol I need to broaden my horizons! The price per pot that you paid isn't bad at all I wouldn't pay the regular retail for them though. What do you think of gel liners? I haven't tried those yet.

  3. Hi :) Does these last well on the lower lash line? You mentioned that you have moderately oily lids so I just wanted your opinion on these :)


  4. Holly, I like gel liners. The only thing that is a bit of inconvenience is having to use a brush and clean it afterward.

    M1RACLE, that is a good question. I haven't even thought of using them on the lash line. I gonna have to try that for future reviews. So to be honest, I really don't know at the moment.

  5. Hi Pang,

    Thanks for answering. If you happen to test this out on your lower lashline, I'd still love to hear your thoughts on it! =)

  6. Do you know of any cream eyeshadows that are similar to the Silver Leaf?? they discontinued silver leaf but i really really want this eyeshadow!! thanks for the review :)

  7. Rieko, I think the Make Up Forever Aqua Cream #2 is close and probably more pigmented.

  8. I like the Silver leaf more, but i wonder if cream eyeshadow will suit oily skin like mine.

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