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Saturday, June 25, 2011

MAC Bloggers' Obsessions Lipglasses Haul and Swatches

The Bloggers' Obsessions collection just launched Tuesday June 21st on MAC's website and it is only available online unfortunately. I'm pretty sure most of you MAC addicts already know about this if you follow other bloggers and especially Temptalia. Basically, if you didn't know, this collection consists of 4 eyeshadows and 4 lipglasses and is inspired and created by bloggers, which I think it's pretty cool.
After checking out the swatches on Temptalia, I wanted the Jealousy Wakes eyeshadow so bad that I literally didn't sleep well the night before because I knew it was going to sell out fast. Ok please don't judge, lol. If I could only get one thing from that collection, it would have been it but with the site playing waiting games on all of us. We couldn't know for sure at what time we would be able to order.
Unfortunately with my luck, it was available online while I was busy working my taill off and for some reason, I couldn't order through my phone so when I got home to check it was SOLD OUT T_T. Whyyyyyy! Whyyyyy! Ugh, curse you MAC for not making enough for the rest of us!!!

Yes it's limited edition so once it's gone, it's gone! My last resort is to enter Temptalia's giveway but with thousands of people entering, I don't have much of a chance to win, though it doesn't hurt to try anyways. God knows when MAC will bring it back but hopefully soon!
So in spite of the disappointment, I consoled myself with 2 lipglasses from the collection.

Here are swatches for you. I just checked within the past few minutes and they are still available for purchase so if you are interested, don't wait too long cause you just never know.

Caqui is a coral/orange red color with creme finish.
Sonoran Rain is a warm red with a tinge of orange and gold shimmers.
They both look similar in color in the tube but when swatched, there is an obvious difference.

Both colors are opaque and pigmented

 Caqui Lipglass

 Sonoran Rain Lipglass

I particularly favor Sonoran Rain. I think the color complements my skintone more. Both shades are very pretty though and they were the only two lipglasses that I felt I would enjoy more out of the collection. As far as the eyeshadows, I was only interested in Jealousy Wakes, which was a beautiful emerald color. The rest of the eyeshadows were just ok. I didn't see much uniqueness in them.

Did you get anything from this collection? If so, what did you purchase? 
Are these shades something you would wear?

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Aww, I'm sorry you missed out on the collection, but glad you were able to console yourself with these instead lol I agree, I like Sonoran Rain much better on you, although both of the colors look gorgeous.

  2. I really like this color on you! I think this would be great over my nude lipstick.. it will give it a little color but not to much... im not as fair as you so im scared to wear bright colors

  3. =( I'm sorry you missed Jealousy Wakes...but hey, you never know! Maybe you're one of the lucky ones to win the giveaway!

    And both lipglasses look gorgeous on you! =D

    I'm still considering getting both >_< Hoping that they won't sell out while I decide lol

  4. I had no idea how opaque these two were, but they look great. I considered picking up Sonoran Rain but didn't because honestly I was kinda grumpy that they didn't release any blushes or lipsticks which are my current obsessions.

    Don't kill me but the one thing I was able to get was Jealousy Wakes though.

  5. ::drool:: for Sonoran Rain! BEAUTIFUL! I hate when products are hard to find/sell out quickly. AACG!

  6. Sonoran Rain is beautiful! And you're soooo pretty!

  7. Thank you ladies. Even though I wasn't able to get Jealousy Wakes, I am pretty sure MAC will bring it back so I will wait till next time.

    JC, Tsk tsk! LOL lucky you :)

  8. wow thanks for the swatches! i'm a new blogger and would love if you check out my blog!

    love your blog so much! so helpful :)

  9. wow~\\i luv the colour on you~~~i like sonoran a bit better i think it brings out the color on your cheeks~~~


  10. My sister loves the Sonoran color of this lipstick by Mac. I am not quite into makeup as much as she is, so I didn't know this shade of color was so popular. It looks fantastic on you, but I'm not sure if I could sport it! How do you get away with wearing bright colors when you don't feel so confident about yourself to begin with?
    Alexi |

    1. You have to be comfortable with colors in order to feel confident to wear them. Part of it is because you're not used to seeing yourself wearing colors so it may feel weird and strange when you do. If colorful makeup intimidate you, start with colorful clothes or accessories. As you get use to them you will be more comfortable wearing brighter and bolder colors.


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