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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Walgreens Haul

Dear readers,

I'm sorry for being MIA for the past few days but I lost my groove for some reasons due to minor life stresses and annoyance, lol. Ya know, I have those days where I'm thinking to myself "gosh, why do I have to put up with that?" My biggest annoyance so far has been dealing with people with lack of common sense. I'm usually pretty calm and easy going but I do get a bit edgy when people can't apply common sense. I guess you can say I have that sort of expectation. I think we all do but the reality is not everyone has enough of it and that's when conflict or compromise follow. So here I am thinking to myself "I can't believe I have to say this" and "how am I going to say it so that they don't take it the wrong way." These awkward moments get me every time.

Anyways, enough of my life dilemmas, lol. The point of this post is about stuff that I found at Walgreens yesterday. My family asked me to get some drinks after work so I decided to stop by Walgreens because it was on the way there. I decided to browse the beauty isle as usual to see if anything new catches my attention.

First thing that I grabbed was these Pure Ice Crackle polishes. I saw one fellow blogger, Huda, post some of these so when I found them on display and they had colors that I didn't have I was excited to give them a try. I hope they don't disappoint otherwise, I will return them. FYI, they actually had a lot of colors to choose from.
Secondly, I needed a black pencil eyeliner because I gave my UD 24/7 liner to my mom. I'm excited to get my hands on the Milani Liquif"Eye Black. I have the color Aqua and it worked really well on me so I am hoping the black one is just as good.
Amazingly and to my surprise, that Walgreens carried these Milani Baked blushes! They were all stocked too. I wanted to scream and jump with joy like a little kid who found her toy, lol. I have had such a hard time finding these in local stores. I previously ordered 4 of them online but now that I know where to get these, I'm just thrilled! I refrained myself from getting all the shades that I didn't order last time so I only purchased one. With that said, I will do a Part 2 review and swatches of the Milani Baked Blushes when I can get the rest on sale.
At last but not least, I am sure you noticed I have 2 MAC products in the picture. I will post these separately so be sure to check them out. I will post them very shortly.

Thanks again for visiting my blog and have a beautiful weekend :)


  1. I'm sorry you had to deal with such annoyances at work lately. I hope everything turned out all right. This is a great haul! I really hope you end up liking the cracked polishes as much as I do. I had no idea they carried the Milani baked blushes either! What a pleasant surprise. Hopefully, I'm able to go to my Walgreens and find them too. Thanks for sharing, and can't wait for those swatches :)

  2. There will always be stupid people in the world and you can never filter them all out =/

    on a lighter note, you're so lucky to have milani at your walgreens! I've been looking for the new milani products and it's only available at certain CVS's in my area =(

  3. I say never underestimate the stupidity of people...and likewise the level of common sense that is floating around. =/ I do hope that your haul made you feel better ;)

    Please let us know how you like the Pure Ice polishes! I was boring and only got the white one. I'm thinking of going back for the red? The liquif'eye is fantastic! I love mine! And all the backups haha. I'm glad you found a store carrying the Milani blushes! Mine does, but half of it were cracked :(

    Hope you have a great weekend! And a better week next week! =D

  4. Haha, what a tease. :P I'm dying to find out which Milani baked blush that is (again I am a huge fan, I have 8/9 of them lol... yes, I'm a psycho) and those two MAC products. <3

  5. Ooh wow the pure ice polishes look beautiful, I want a crackle lime green!

  6. Thanks ladies. I never really had to deal much with people until I got promoted so that was a rude awakening having to deal with certain behavior issues.

    JC, the blush in this haul is Red Vino :D


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