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Sunday, June 19, 2011

NYX Nude On Nude Palette Review and Swatches

I purchased this palette from Ulta about a month ago so it is about time I do a review. I've had the chance to use it a few times so I have a pretty good feel for it. I think I got it for $24.99. I am not sure if this is limited edition or if it is still available at Ulta but you can get it at Cherry Culture for $20.99.

  • Measures 6 3/4 inches wide, 2 1/4 inches long, 1 inch height. I consider this compact considering the amount of product that goes in the packaging.
  • 20 eyeshadows with a variety of neutral shades and finishes
  • 10 lipcolors with a little bit of everything...pinks, nudes, corals, and reds. The lipcolors are on a separate compartment located underneath the eyeshadows. You simply slide it out if you need to use them.
  • Mirror, foam tip applicator, and lipstick brush included
  • Clear view windows.
  • I think the overall packaging is practical and sturdy. This is something I can see myself taking with me if I ever go on vacation or out of town for a couple days. Because I have a good selection of eyeshadows and lipcolors, I won't need to bring extras.
  • There is a reasonable amount of product for what you pay and you should get plenty of use out of it.

  • I like the variety of shade they included in this kit. All very wearable colors. Perfect for those who love neutrals. As you can see from the swatches, you also get a variety of finishes from matte to satin and shimmer. A couple of them have glitters but they are not big glitters.
  • The pigmentation is good/decent. Some of the eyeshadows are a little powdery but it's not too bad.
  • With a good base, these last about 6 hours and after that, they start fading a little.
  • How do these compare to the high-end brands like Urban Decay Naked palette? Although the color selection are similar and reminiscent of the Naked palette, I wasn't able to find any dupes. The Nude on Nude eyeshadows are not as pigmented and creamy as the Naked eyeshadows. Nonetheless, I still think this palette is a reasonable substitute if you can't fork the price of the Naked palette.

  • I like the variety of shades included in this kit. There is 10 colors; however, I am a bit disappointed that almost all of them have a gloss type of texture and finish. Some have shimmers while some are cream.
  • There is only one lipcolor (the second one from the left) that has more like a lipstick consistency.
  • To be honest, I like this palette but I don't love it. If you are looking for an affordable nude palette, I would recommend this one.
  • If you expect the quality to rival that of high-end brands, I would say skip it.
  • I also appreciate how compact it is and makes traveling with it is easier.
  • Like I mentioned earlier the pigmentation is good/decent. I am not disappointed because they are workable. But for the record, I've had better.
  • The applicators are not necessary but convenient to have.
  • I don't regret purchasing it. I do use it occasionally.
  • I think for this product you get what you paid for. My rating is 8/10.
What are your thoughts on this palette? Would you purchase? If you have it, how do you like it?


  1. thank you for your thorough review. i've had experience with NYX eyeshadows before and while they are ok, they dont' really compare to high end eyeshadows. i've seen a few "reviews" on this product where people blatantly claim that this is a substitute for the UD Naked palette without taking in consideration the quality of the eyeshadows. Yours is the first decent review i've read so again, thank you.

  2. thanks for the review! i was kinda thinking of getting this instead of the Naked palette, but now, i think ill just wait for the Naked palette :)

  3. Thank you for the review! I've been looking for a review of this product for quite sometime.

    I agree with sugarbumpkin, I've seen people saying that this is the equivalent to UD, and from your review, it's clearly not...even IF there are more color choices.

  4. sugarbumpkin, that's crazy. These are good but really can't compare to UD Naked. They probably don't own a Naked palette, lol. Or else they are just crazy.

    Jemimah, if you want quality, definitely go with the Naked palette.

    Silly Lilacs...yay! I'm so glad you found it here on my blog. I've had this for a while. Should've reviewed it sooner.

  5. Wow, I love your swatches! I've seen two different posts on these, and the swatches were so horrible that I was convinced this palette heavily lacked pigmentation on everything. Seeing this definitely changed my mind. The swatches are gorgeous, and seem way more pigmented than I originally thought. The pink layer of the lipsticks are gorgeous! I do agree, though, that it doesn't compare with the Naked palette. Ohh, by the way, I gave you some blog awards lol Check them out :)

  6. I'm not a fan of the shades included, but it seems like a decent value for money! Thanks for the swatches x

  7. Seems like a pretty decent value if you're just starting out and want to get a lot of different shades to play with at a reasonable price. For myself, I would skip it. I already have some neutral shadows that I really like and I wouldn't use any of these lipcolors.

    1. Too many companies have come out with one or more nude palettes. Love NYX so I just had to try it.


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