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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Huge ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Haul + Swatches (17 Colors)

I just received my ELF package yesterday and I'm very excited to share with you what I purchased and show you swatches. I originally bought the Sea Blue and Green Field sets from Target and Rustic Brown set from Big Lots. I was quite pleased with the products so I wanted to try more.
About a week ago, ELF had a sale on their Mineral line and they were all half off. I took advantage of that sale to try out the rest of the mineral eyeshadows.
ELF has 27 different shades to select from, which the majority of them are shimmers. I bought 12 colors from their website. My total came to $18.00 plus $6.95 shipping. The sets were previously purchased but I just didn't get a chance to review. So I decided, I might as well combine them in here.



  • Caffeinated - shimmery medium bronze with a gold sheen
  • Celebrity - light shimmery bronze
  • Confident – dark shimmery bronze with a grey undertone and pinkish gold sheen
  • Flirty – shimmery violet
  • Girly – shimmery medium purple with grey undertone
  • Glamorous – shimmery dark reddish brown


  • Mysterious – matte medium charcoal grey with silver flecks
  • Partier – Dark matte grayish black
  • Sassy – shimmery orange brown
  • Smoldering – shimmery gunmetal with a blue undertone
  • Socialite – dark pewter
  • Temptress – matte burned sienna

ELF Sea Blue Set was purchased from Target for $4.99. These eyeshadows are also available individually.
One thing I noticed about the sets is that there seems to be less product in the jar. The jar appear more full when purchased individually.
  • Beachy – shimmery electric blue
  • Dreamy – shimmery turquoise

ELF Rustic Brown was purchased from Big Lots for $4.50.
  • Elegant – shimmery light champagne
  • Golden – shimmery antique gold
  • Wild – shimmery dark brown with gold flecks
I'm not going to review these but just give you my first impression. I have, however, reviewed the ELF Green Field set, so if you are also interested in seeing the review, swatches, and makeup look I did, please follow the hyperlink.
FYI, the swatches above were done with a base and Q-tips. I think the eyeshadows have a decent/good pigmentation. Since they are loose, a base is highly recommended and you may experience fall outs when applying. As far as packaging goes, I'm not a fan. It has a shifter which I don't find very helpful since products get all over the place anyways. One thing, I would suggest is to tear a piece of cotton ball and plug the shifter holes when you are done using the product to prevent it from creating a mess when you open the jar. Another con is if you have a lot of these, they take up space and storing them is less than convenient.
There is nothing unique about the shades, although I find them quite pretty. I'm sure I have dupes of these colors in my stash.

What makes these eyeshadows a great buy is the price! You definitely get more than what you pay for, IMO. At $3.00 a jar (or cheaper if you buy them when they are on sale), you get plenty of product to last you many many uses. There is enough variety of colors to choose from and I don't think you will be disappointed with the quality either. I wouldn't have purchased this many if I didn't like the first couple sets that I bought.
My favorite shades are Dreamy, Golden, Smoldering, and Flirty.

Have you tried these eyeshadows yet? Which colors do you have? What would you recommend that I try?
I hope you found this post and the swatches helpful.


  1. This was a lovely haul! I have almost all of them, and I"m looking to buy the ones I don't have soon :) I do agree with you that the sifters don't really do anything to keep the shadows from making a mess. Also, storing them takes up quite a bit of space. Other than that, they're not colors I already own, and I really enjoy having them in my collection :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great haul, those are some pretty impressive swatches.

  3. i've heard mixed reviews on these products. can't wait to hear a review from you!

  4. Celebrity and Confident look gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the swatches x

  5. I've been looking for good swatches of the ELF mineral eyeshadows for awhile so THANKYOU :) I love your swatches! Confident must find a way into my stash ASAP :) From other swatches I've seen Socialite seemed more brown and taupe-y whereas yours looks like a gunmetal gray. Would you say it looks like a taupe?

  6. AngelicBetrayal--I guess you can kinda consider Socialite a dark taupe color. The grey undertone is more pronounced and since it's very shiny, it gives that metallic appearance.

  7. pretty colors especially the blues! one of the browns you have looks like a dupe for urban decays Smog!

  8. Thanks for all the swatches! E.l.f. colors seem to always look different in person than on the site!


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