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Thursday, June 30, 2011

China Glaze Crackle Metal with Swatches

I stopped by Sally Beauty Supply after work yesterday because I needed some lash glue and guess what I found!!! I suppose the title pretty much gave it away. I have been waiting for these CG Crackle Metals to come out and woo hoo I totally picked the perfect day! Another strike of luck is that they were fully stocked. All the shades were there for me to pick. Can you imagine just how thrilled I was? I was like super duper excited to be the first one to get them. My guess is they must JUST have gotten them! I threw them all in my basket, except for the silver crackle because I already have OPI's silver shatter.
Needless to say, once I picked all the colors that I wanted, there wasn't too many left on the display. If you shop at Sally's, you know exactly what I mean. Those new polish display can sell out pretty quick.

Anyhoo here are the shades that I got
  • Cracked Medallion - Shimmery copper crackle
  • Oxidized Aqua - Blueish teal shimmery crackle
  • Haute Metal - Pink shimmery crackle
  • Latticed Lilac - it looks more like a silvery grey with a hint of purple
  • Tarnished Gold - medium gold crackle

Haute Metal

 Latticed Lilac

Cracked Medallion

 Tarnished Gold

Oxidized Aqua

As you can see from the pictures, all the shade cracked very well. I'm very happy with the result. Out of all the crackle polishes that I own, these are by far my favorites.
I have purchased 3 extra crackle polishes and plan on doing a giveaway so stay tuned. Details will be coming soon. Must be a follower to be eligible.

Have you been able to snag any of these new crackle polishes or do you not care for it at all? What do you think of this nail trend?


  1. Those all look pretty awesome. I'm glad they cracked nicely for you. I haven't been to Sally's lately, but I do know what you mean about them selling fast. My favorites are Latticed Lilac and Oxidized Aqua. Those turned out gorgeous! I'm hoping that they still have some when I go to Sallys, but I wouldn't be surprised if they were sold out already lol I can't wait for the giveaway! Very kind of you :)

  2. Oh Jeez. I NEED these. Medallion, and the Silver will be mine, but that Aqua looks pretty tempting too... but i still want the white crackle too(if sally's still has it I hope). This whole crackle thing is definitely going to drain all my money. XD

  3. wow they are out already?? hmmm do i need more crackle polish? hahaha i really like the gold one a lot

  4. Oh lucky lucky! I need some of these! They all look great in your swatches :)

  5. These definitely look amazing in comparison to the 2 Pure Ice ones that didn't crack so well. I'm still eyeing the gold one! Gold + red for Chinese new year! LOL's a long time away...but XD yeah!

    P.S. You've been tagged! ;)

  6. Huda, I hope you find them too. These are my favorite crackle polish and I own quite a few.

    Kathy, yea I sure spent more than I anticipated. I wasn't planning on getting them all at first but when I saw them, I was like what the heck, why not! lol

    Silly Lilacs, I love gold and red combo. It does remind me of the chinese new year too.

  7. All the colors are beautiful but I always love purples so the Latticed Lilac really jumped out at me. It's most flattering on my skin tone too. The Cracked Medallion would look great for fall as well! Pick me! :)

    I've been wanting them so bad for the past few months but I really can't afford to buy anymore makeup. =(


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