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Sunday, June 12, 2011

FOTD - Matte Orange / Brown Look

I try to do my FOTD on the weekends since it's hard for me to find time to do them during the weekdays. I've been meaning to do an orange eyeshadow look for a while. I just realized the orange I used appeared a little more yellow. I think this would be a fun summer look. I should've worn my bright green eye contacts. It would have made this look more fierce. Nonetheless, I am pretty happy with the color selection I used here. I think they really complement each other.

Products Used

  • NARS Niagara lipstick

Hope you enjoy this look. What colors do you usually wear on your eyes for the summer?


  1. love the way you used orange/yellow! it's generally not a very easy color to use.

  2. wow you can actually pull that off!

  3. You're the only person I know who can pull off this kind of thing. You look really stunning! I agree, the LA colors work so well together, don't they? :) Love it!

  4. O.o I love your make-up...
    I wish i can be good as you are in make-up(maybe in another life :( ...)


  5. Hi sweetie! A little late, but thanks so much for the sweet comments you left on my blog. Also this look is super hot. ITA with Huda, Idk many people who could pull off this kind of look but you definitely did. Amazing!

  6. sugarbumpkin--I think most people just don't really see themselves using that kind of color so they typically wouldn't try it.

    Lara--thanks hun. I am sure you can improve. It takes a lot of practice. I used to be a total fail at makeup. I just recently seen improvement within the past year or so.

    JC--it's never too late. You are welcome and thanks for stopping by :)

    Ladies, thank you all for the lovely comments.


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