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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

E.L.F Sale and Mini Review

E.L.F. aka Eyes Lips Face, is having a 50% off sale on everything on their site now till October 18, some may be even 60% off but only through October 13.  You can also find their products in select stores like Target, Big Lots, and the Dollar store; however, quantities may be limited. If you want to see the complete line you can go to

They are super cheap makeup and their regular price range from $1-6 unless you are buying a set or a kit. For those on a tight budget, the sale makes them even cheaper!

My two cents about E.L.F. is that their product are actually decent for what you are paying. Of course, they can't really compare to high-end makeup but they are worth a shot. I personally prefer their Studio Line products. It's pretty good quality for just $3 a piece. I've ordered a few times from them and they ship your order fairly quickly. I got mines within a week from placing my order. Shipping cost is around $6. They always have sales, so just wait for a sale to go up before purchasing. I'm interested in trying out a few more things but I'm also trying to save my money for other purchases. Since the holidays are coming up, there will be a lot of sales and good deal packages.

My favorite E.L.F products that I've ordered so far is the Studio Line Powder brush, Studio Line blush, and Studio Line Eyebrow kit.

 The powder brush is my go-to foundation brush and I use it daily. My only complaint about this product is that is it a bit flimsy around the ferrule. Otherwise, it blends my liquid foundation like a dream for a soft-focused airbrushed effect and doesn't shed. It's densely packed but not too tightly. The bristles are very soft and since they are synthetic, you won't ruin them if you use liquid foundation.

I have the E.L.F. blush in pink passion. It looks like a bubblegum pink with a slight blue tone to it. It’s completely matte. It’s pretty pigmented and finely milled so I’d suggest using a light hand. The packaging is quite sturdy and includes a small mirror. The front window allows you to see the color inside the pan without having to open it.

I have the E.L.F. eyebrow kit in dark. One side is a tinted gel and the other is a dark brown powder. The packaging and size is exactly like that of the Studio Line blush. It also comes with a small brush applicator. The tinted gel kind of goes sheer so you won’t over apply the color. I usually don’t bother using the powder to set it. It seems to look more natural with just the gel alone.

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