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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

MAKE UP FOREVER Eye Seal review

The MUFE Eye Seal is a mixing medium for your eyeshadows to turn them into “waterproof liquid liners.” I mixed the Eye Seal with eyeshadow 3 different pigments and colors. It dries fairly quickly.
After 5 minutes, I rubbed my fingers rigorously over the swatches and the colors did not budge. That was a good sign.
To test the waterproof claim, I ran my hand under cold water for about 2 minutes and pat it dry. I rubbed my fingers on the swatches again. There was a slight fading on the copper and purple eyeshadows but the blue remained intact. I think the reason for that is because the blue eyeshadow was more finely milled and better quality than the other two. So if you are using a good pigment to mix with the Eye Seal, you will get better results.
The verdict: this is a truly waterproof and long lasting mixing medium.
I purchased it at Sephora for $20. The box is so small that I think many people do not even notice it. I had to ask a person that works there to help me find it. I came across this product when I was browsing Sephora’s website and found it very interesting so I was really dying to try it.

- Waterproof, budge-proof, smudge proof
- Dries quickly
- Last all day
- Versatile…You can mix with ANY color you have.
- Saves you money because you won’t have to spend more on several different color eyeliners.
- A little will go a long way. You only need only one or two drops to get enough product for a one time use on both eyes.

- Only available at Sephora
- It’s a tiny bottle for $20. About the size of an eyedrop solution. Then again if you think about it you only need one or two drops per use so this will last you.
- It can ruin your brush if it has natural bristles. I recommend you use synthetic bristles for this product and clean your brush immediately after you finish applying your eyeliner. Once it dries on your brush, it’s very hard to clean.
- Cannot be used on the waterline.
- You will need a really good makeup remover to remove it preferably one made for waterproof makeup.

On a scale of 1 to 5. I'd give it a 4.5.

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