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Friday, October 8, 2010

New Revlon Suede Raphsody lipsticks / swatches and review

I went to Wal-Mart last night to get a few household items and of course, knowing me, I would also be checking out the health and beauty isle. These Revlon Suede Rhapsody lipsticks caught my eyes since they were on a display stand and marked “new”. They must’ve just come out recently because I haven’t heard much about them. They looked pretty in the tube so I decided to pick them up and give them a try. They cost $5.00 at Wal-Mart and it's probably the cheapest unless you find them on BOGO sale.

Smoked Peach is a matte shade according to the label but I notice very fine shimmers in the tube. Once I applied it to my lips, they disappear. Not sure how to describe the color, it’s a nice peachy color that doesn’t look over-the-top. The formula doesn’t feel too dry but the color may settle into your lines a bit. I highly recommend exfoliating your lips to remove any dry skin before applying this lipstick; otherwise it will make your dry lips look flaky.

Stormy pink is also a matte shade. I was the most disappointed by this lipstick because the pigmentation was ridiculous. It looks nothing close to how it appears in the tube. I had to apply a bit more pressure and really rub it on my lips to get the color to show. Again, this lipstick will accentuate dry skin so make sure your lips are moist and smooth before applying.

Coral-berry, the name suits it perfectly! I prefer this one out of the pack. It applies more evenly and is a bit more moisturizing and pigmented. It has very fine gold shimmer in the tube but they are not noticeable on the lips. The finish is a sheen semi-opaque color.

Prim-rose is a muted lilac pink with a grayish undertone. It applies a bit on the sheer side. It reminded me of MAC Gaga lipstick but when I swatched them next to each other, Gaga was a bit more pink. The finish is similar to Coral Berry, although I feel it is less pigmented.

What I liked about these lipsticks is that they are scent-free. There are definitely some inconsistencies that vary from one color to another. I wish they were more pigmented though. They seem to just slip on your lips and only leaving a faint color behind. I have to put some pressure to get a better color payoff. Revlon ColorBurst are the best drugstore lipsticks I’ve tried so far (aside from NYX black label lipsticks).

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  1. These colors look really pretty :) i have one revlon super lustrous lipstick in luminous pink and i had no idea why it was so shiney compared to your colors. Then i realized they also come in matte and creme from the labels in your picture and mines was a pearl [that's why it's so hella shiney]. Haha, i totally failed LOL. Anway, I really like the matte smoked peach color, will be picking that up shortly in my next Walmart trip XD *paying more attention to the label this time [forgot to add that LOL]


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